Coach Segal's Quotes Following Day 2 Of The FIU Surf & Turf Tournament



March 30, 2013


Overall thoughts on the day
"The girls played great. They battled and they played really well. We won two of the three matches and the Pepperdine match was in between. We wanted to play decent against them, but that wasn't our focus. Our focus was to beat the teams in our region, which is Florida International and Georgia State. We played great against them and got two wins, and we actually played really well against Pepperdine. We were very competitive. If would could play them on one day with just one match, I don't know if we would beat them, but it would be a really good match. We played well against Pepperdine, but we played great against FIU. It was a great match. Everybody played great. It was a great team win today. They had fun, they cheered for each other and they had fun playing against a really good team. We played at a high level and that's what we needed to do. We played well against the No. 1 team in the country, which is good, and then we played great against Georgia State. We were a little tired so we didn't play as well as we could have, but we still played well enough to win 4-1 which was great."

On getting a win over a nationally-ranked team
"It says a lot about the girls. They decided that they wanted to have fun and they're enjoying the game. They're willing to learn and willing to listen. They've grown each week and we're getting better. We're getting better every time we play. It all goes back to their hard work, how much they want to win and how hard they want to push themselves. The only thing you can do is push yourself, and they've done that."

On Sunday's pairs tournament
"I think they're excited to play. We'll play the same teams we've played already, so we'll play against a lot of the same competition. It's another chance to play, we can work on some stuff and get ready for next week. Any time you get to play, it's a good experience and get good matches under your belt. It's a good time to get some more wins because the more wins you get, the better chance you have to get to Nationals."