Coach Holly's Quotes Following Tulane's 3-2 Win Over LSU



March 26, 2014

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Overall thoughts on the match
"I'm very happy with the way they played and I'm very happy for them. I think our practice paid off. One of the biggest differences is we had a little bit better offense today - that was one of the things that we've really been working on - and our serving was better. We were more aggressive. We had our players try and make the opponents move around more and create opportunities, and they did that to perfection."

On the cool and windy weather during the match
"It ended up being an advantage for us. We practiced yesterday in these same conditions, and the forecast was that it was going to be windy today. We had an idea of what direction the wind was coming from and were able to practice around it."

On getting wins at No. 4 and No. 5 to open the match
"Those were huge wins down at four and five. They players know and they understand a win at five is as good as win at one or a win at two. It's not about what number. It's about trying to put together three wins for our program. Those were huge wins because when we get two wins to start the session, that takes a little pressure off the other three teams and allows them to be a little more relaxed."

On the performance of Tea Juric and Jackie Wegner at the top of the line-up
"When we came over, they were behind a little bit. I thought they did an awesome job of making some adjustments. We talked about who should be blocking and who should be defending in that game, we made an adjustment with our serving and they carried it out to perfection. Once we made that call during I timeout, I think they scored eight straight points. They just kept rolling and played with a lot of confidence."

On the atmosphere at Coconut Beach with a large crowd on hand
"It was fun. It was a great to be out here. It was great to be out here and not practicing. I appreciate all the Tulane fans and of course the folks from LSU - I don't know how many people were out here, but it was fun. It was fun to have a lot of noise out here on the courts and it was a great environment."

On what he has planned for the rest of the week
"We're going to look at film, look at some numbers from today and do what we always do - isolate where we're weak so we can get stronger. We'll work on that all week and luckily we'll do that at home. That'll be an advantage because we'll get more time in. Next weekend we'll play a tournament, just intrasquad, so we'll have a lot of opportunity to experiment with line-ups, experiment with some pairings and see how we can improve. It's all about us trying to improve next weekend. It'll be four hours of a lot of playing. It should be great."