Coach Segal's Quotes Following Tulane's 3-2 Win Over UAB



March 16, 2013


On the No. 1 team of Sophie Asprey and Cori Martone clinching the win over the Blazers
"I thought Cori and Sophie played well and anchored the team well today. It was a good win. It was a good team effort. We mixed the teams up a little, they did a lot of good work and they'll get better. We're just trying to find the best combination of players to get solid all the way through."

On tomorrow's opponent, the Stetson Hatters
"They're good. They played well and they're a good team. They'll be a good match-up for us and we'll have to play well to be competitive with them. It's one day at a time. I think we had fun today, and that's what it's about - to have fun, enjoy the game and to get better every time we play. We didn't play great yesterday, but we came out and played better today."

On being 3-1 on the young 2013 season
"I think the indoor girls are learning to play the game better. It's helped having the four beach girls and they're teaching the indoor girls how to play the game. I wasn't here last year, but winning three games already as opposed to the one we won last year is obviously good. We're just at the beginning of the season so hopefully we can win some more matches as the season goes on."