Loyd's Quotes Following Tulane's Split At Stetson



March 14, 2012


Overall thoughts following the matches against Stetson
"I couldn't be more excited for the girls. They deserved this win. I am proud of the progress they have made in this short time period. It is great to see them reaping the benefits of their hard work."

On the strides your team has made in just two short weeks
"I am starting to see more and more light-bulb moments. They are learning and taking things away from each game they play. The girls are starting to look more comfortable in the sand and in turn having more fun while they are playing."

On the difference between the 5-0 loss and the 3-2 win over the Hatters
"The girls are starting to play a lot smarter. They are paying closer attention to their opponents' tendencies and taking note of what is and is not working. After the first match, the girls had time to reflect on their play and what they could have done differently. They strategized from their experiences and executed in the second dual."

On what you plan to have the team work on before the next match on April 6
"We will certainly continue to work on our endurance. Playing two double duals in two days was a lot of hard work. The girls are starting to place the ball better. In practice, we will focus on our strategic placement and the girls' ability to place balls exactly where they want them to go."