Coach Holly's Quotes Following Day One Of The Wildcat Spring Classic



March 14, 2014


Overall thoughts on the day
"On the whole, the day brings a mixed reaction. Our performance is improving and we were presented with a great learning experience. But the result is disappointing. How we respond in our training is the most immediate challenge for next week. For now, we move on and get ready to compete in the morning against a strong team in Arizona."

On the 5-0 win over Arizona Christian
"We were able to execute on our side of the net well enough to beat Arizona Christian. While ACU struggled and no doubt did not play their best volleyball, there is something to be said for executing on your half. We did that so we will take the win."

On the 3-2 loss to Arizona State
"Every one of our pairs competed hard in this dual and I am happy with our effort on the court. Anna and Hannah continued to improve and picked up a very nice win at the No. 3 against a good ASU team. We also picked up a great win at No. 4 where Miah Diirell and Sarah Strasner won after being moved up from the No. 5. Miah and Sarah are learning at an incredibly rapid rate and I am extremely pleased with their effort and desire to improve."

On a positive he may take from the narrow loss to the Sun Devils
"The matches we lost in five were very tough battles. While we are very disappointed to lose the dual, our No. 1 and No. 2 teams gained some valuable experience that will pay off later in the season. Both teams were simultaneously competing in a final third set with the dual on the line. It was a lesson in pressure performance we could never re-create in practice. From that perspective, there is a positive."