Coach Segal's Quotes Following Tulane's 4-1 Season-Opening Win Over Mercer



March 9, 2013


Overall thoughts on the match against the Bears
"I thought we played really well. They were a little nervous at the beginning, but other than that they played well. It's a learning experience. As the match went on, they got better and did a lot of nice things. We just need to keep focusing on the little things like siding out and making really good first contacts in serve-receive. We'll get better. It was a good start to the season."

On Tulane getting wins from its bottom three teams is a sign of a solid team top-to-bottom
"I think so. I think we're going to be good everywhere. Anna and Jackie, even though they lost, they won the first the first game 21-14 and were up 20-17 in the second game and just couldn't finish. They were up 12-10 in the third game and didn't finish. They had a lot of chances to win that match. Cori and Sophie won their first game easy, lost a real close second game and they had a tough third game and fought it out to win the big points. I think we're going to be good 1-5. I think every match is going to be different."

On tomorrow's match against UAB
"We saw UAB today and they're very good. They've got some talented players and I think tomorrow's match is going to be a tough one. It's one day at a time. For this being our first day and not playing at all, the first competition was good. It was really good."

On if it is tough to turn around and play again tomorrow
"I don't know if it's a tough turnaround. We don't play until 1:00. We do lose an hour of sleep due to the time change, but we'll be fine. Again, we just have to go out and play good, fundamental volleyball. We need to have some fun and enjoy what we're doing. I think the girls had a lot of fun today playing and that was good. Win or lose, right now the main thing is we just need to get better. If we can get better every time we play, the wins will come. We'll go out and play the best we can play, and see how it goes."