Coach Holly's Quotes Following The Stetson Spring Break Pairs Tournament



March 8, 2014

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On the format of the pairs tournament
"Today there was a pairs tournament that included Tulane, Stetson, Florida Gulf Coast and Warner in two brackets. One bracket was a 16-team, single-elimination tournament of all the schools' No. 3, 4 and 5 teams plus four additional unseeded teams. The other bracket was a double-elimination tournament of all schools' No. 1 and No. 2 pairs."

On Tulane's performance on Saturday
"Our No. 1 team of Tea Juric and Jackie Wegner won the tournament with a record of 5-1 in matches. After losing in the semifinals of the winners' bracket, they made their way back to the finals by winning their losers' bracket match. Once in the finals they had to beat Stetson's No. 1 team in two consecutive matches to win the tournament because Stetson had not yet lost. They ended up doing that and winning."

On Juric and Wegner's winning efforts
"Jackie and Tea showed a great tenacity in playing six matches in one day. They consistently and steadily improved with each match they played and represented their team extraordinarily well in this event. I am proud of their ability to recognize patterns in the game and execute tactics to the circumstances they are facing. Losing to a very good team in Stetson's No. 1 pair and then returning from the losers' bracket to beat that same team in two consecutive matches in a double final was a great testament to their training and their willingness to relentlessly compete."

On his impression of the team after the season-opening weekend
"I am pleased with our steady march toward an improved level of play and tactical awareness. Yesterday we improved our performance from morning to afternoon and the trend continued today as every one of our pairs competed at a higher and more strategic level than yesterday."