Coach Holly's Quotes Following The Season-Opening Performance At Stetson



March 7, 2014


Overall thoughts on the day
"We're happy to get our first win of the season on a day in which we did not play our best volleyball. It's a good sign that we are able to get a win when we did not have our best performances. We have been playing against ourselves for so long in practice that just playing actual competition against a new opponent presented a significant challenge for us. I expect that early-season nerves will play less and less of a role as we move on into the season."

On what he was most pleased with by his team
"I am encouraged that we showed some depth in our team by winning matches in three of our five flights and only narrowly dropping decisions in two others. We picked up wins at No. 1, 2 and 4, and our No. 3 and 5 teams lost very narrow matches in three sets - one of them in overtime. The take away is that every one of our pairs is capable of competing and contributing to team wins each week. Our performance definitely improved from the first dual in the morning to the second dual in the afternoon."

On the match against Stetson
"Stetson did an excellent job of minimizing errors and making routine plays. That, combined with our lack of aggressiveness, was the difference in the dual. Annie Shurtz and Grace Weaver looked very good and poised in their win at No. 2. Hannah Holmes and Anna Wruck also played well and settled in early at No. 3. They had a 13-9 lead in the third set to 15, but were unable to get the win. So the 4-1 loss was a little closer than the overall result might indicate."

On the match against Florida Gulf Coast
"All five pairs improved from the morning, which is a credit to the players being more relaxed and to their willingness to make some changes in their execution. The players' willingness to critically evaluate their morning performances and make changes is the thing I'm most proud of with this team. The 4 and 5 seeds played first and went 1-1. The No. 5 narrowly lost a three-set decision and the no. 4 picked up a huge win for us, which took some pressure off their teammates in the second round of matches. Needing only two wins to win the dual, the No. 1 won and the No. 3 lost, which left the dual up to the No. 2. At that point, the score was 9-9 in the third set. With the dual on the line, our No. 2 was able to finish with a win."