Coach Stockton's Comments Entering The 17th Annual Tulane/DoubleTree Classic



Dec. 28, 2012

On the 17th Annual Tulane/DoubleTree Classic
"I certainly think this has been a great event for us. We've had a tremendous sponsor in the DoubleTree for the past 17 years, great teams have come in here and we've had some tremendous competition. With schools not being in class this time of year, I think we've been able to get teams to travel from all over and we've had teams from all over the country play in this."

On how her team has progressed so far during the 2012-13 season
"I think we're coming along. Our defense has improved and that was a concern at the beginning of the year. Offensively, I feel that we had a good performance in our last game. We were able to get some rhythm going to our offense. Putting all these players on the court at different times and at different positions has certainly been a big task, but I think we're really coming together."

On Tulane having three non-conference games left to play before opening C-USA play on Jan. 10 vs. SMU
"You've got to focus on the conference season and get ready for that. Whether that's building confidence or really establishing your style of play, we've been trying to do that. We've got three (non-conference) games left so we've got to focus on those three and try and finish up as strong as we can."

On Saturday's opponent, Eastern Michigan
"They've had a tough schedule and I don't think their record is an indication of how strong they are. They do a nice job. They've got some size, they're able to isolate some people inside and they're going to throw a lot of traps and things at us, so we're going to have to be prepared. They're primarily a zone team, which we've played against quite a bit, and they are a very good opponent."

On having to prepare for either Ole Miss or McNeese State in day two of the Tulane/DoubleTree Classic
"In any kind of tournament, you've got to prepare for everyone. We don't prepare until our game is over but McNeese was an NCAA (Tournament) team last year and Ole Miss is an SEC opponent that is always a quality opponent. We're going to have to be ready to play either one of those and it'll be two really good games this weekend."



On the long-standing relationship between Tulane and the DoubleTree
"It's very special. I think it's special when you have a corporate sponsor that's been with you as long as they have. They've done a tremendous job. Our teams over the years have loved staying at the DoubleTree and have had such great experiences here. Keeping the same sponsor and having that name has kept that tournament name alive. I think people who have come to this tournament, remembered it as the DoubleTree and recommended it to others. That's how we've been able to attract such quality teams."