Coach Stockton's Comments Heading Into The Tulane/DoubleTree Classic



Dec. 27, 2013

Overall thoughts on the game
"I think this is always a fun tournament. We've got teams from all over the country - Boston, Indiana and Chicago. It's great competition, it's a great time of year to come out and hopefully we'll have a lot of families her to see some different kinds of teams."

On the long-standing partnership between Tulane and the DoubleTree Hotel
"I think we've built a great reputation here. Very few times will you have a corporate partner that stays with you for that long, but it's been a tremendously competitive tournament and I think it's been great basketball. This time of year probably makes it a little more special because there's some time off, and we're excited about it. It's nice to come back after Christmas and know you've got something exciting to get ready for."

On the way her team is playing right now
"I think the trip to Florida was really good for us. We did some great things there, had some adversity with foul trouble and with different players coming in and out of the game. The players did a great job. They really responded and we played some great basketball the last two games."

On Saturday's opponent, the Northeastern Huskies
"I'm really impressed with Northeastern. I really haven't seen them play at all and, again, it's a different part of the country so I don't know any of the players. They're very athletic, they run, they shoot the ball very well, they've got a dominant post player and they'll switch up their defenses on us. We've played a lot of teams similar to them when you look at Auburn and you look at Ole Miss and Saint Francis. It's going to be a great matchup and I think it'll be a good game."

On Sunday's potential opponents, Indiana State and Northwestern
"There's a great basketball reputation with both of them. Obviously, one is a Big 10 school. Indiana State has a great tradition over there and the state of Indiana in synonymous with basketball. It's going to be great. All four games this weekend are going to be very competitive and hopefully we get some people to come out and support us."



On what she hopes to achieve with three games remaining before the start of Conference USA play
"I want to build on what we did in Florida. We took some steps forward there with our toughness in being able to execute. I'd like to build on that over the next three games and then we start a really tough conference season. In these games, none of them are gimmes. All of these games we're going to have to earn. Hopefully we can continue to get better, people will learn their roles and we'll continue to develop those roles as we go along."