Grace Daley's Player's Diary



Dec. 2, 1999

Greetings Green Wave fans,

We had another great weekend! We had a 63-point victory against UNC-Asheville which the newspaper termed a "shellacking," followed by a 9-point victory against Miaimi on the road! I was born in Miami so it was great to be home again! The game was kind of like a family reunion -- minus the t-shirts and the food -- but there was plenty of entertainment!

We played at 2 p.m. in the afternoon, but we didn't fly out until the next morning, so we had the whole evening to spend in south Miami. The coaches suggested a friendly stroll along the South Beach boardwalk to help time pass, but we, the players, were all content with going back to the hotel, ordereing movies and relaxing the rest of the night.

We objected to their suggestion, but their response was: OBJECTION OVERRULED! We ended up spending the next two hours on the boardwalk. After we had seen more than our share of strange sights and suprises, and we felt that we had walked around enough (just long enough to find a Baskin Robbins), we decided to spend the remaining hour sitting in a nearby KFC eating and reminiscing about the game -- the highlights and the lowlights.

Usually, our conversations end up being play-by-play commentaries or reenactments of one of Janell or Salome's gravity defying blocks, but this evening we talked about something else.

After we were done eating, a destitute-looking man with a smile as wide as Julia Roberts kept peering in through the window at our unfinished meals. Soon he gathered up the courage to come inside and ask us if he could have what was left of them. We gave him everything and we watched as he ran outside to his homeless friend and showed him the treasure he had just discovered.

Ater that, our conversation switched from blocked shots to how blessed we all are. We all have so much to be thankful for. Tonight we're playing Alabama and they're coming to our table with smiles as wide as Julia Roberts. We extended our generosity to the homeless man, but when Alabama comes to our house tonight, we intend to turn them away and send them back hungry! Hope to see ya there! I'll cath you on the rebound!

TTFN! --