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Coach Stockton's Comments Heading Into Friday's Game At Louisiana Tech



Dec. 1, 2011

On what she takes from her team's performance at the Cancun Challenge
"In the Purdue game, we got it down to two and it was a hard fought game. I thought their defense challenged us more than we've been challenged and that was something we took away - to be able to handle that physical play. Idaho State was such a different motion kind of system to guard. I was really happy with the way our players had that turnaround in one day and were able to guard five perimeter players in that kind of system. With this team being as young as they are, I think it's good for us to see different styles of play and be able to handle that."

On having a week-long layoff since the team's last game
"We just finished watching film and had two days of film work, and I think it's good because we can tweak the things we need to. We can change, we can improve on our weaknesses and we can also talk about our strengths and things we did well. We're still rebounding well and that's been important for us. This gives us some time to improve."

On playing five straight games away from Fogelman Arena
"This is a little bit like what we do in our conference. I think it's important in the non-conference season to go on the road to play in different environments because that gets you ready for conference play. Another is to be able to have games close to each other whether it's a tournament like we were in or one day in between, just to prepare our players to move on. All of the scouting and all the preparations is so different for these high school kids, so this is always a good challenge."

On the two teams Tulane will play this weekend
"You've got an SEC opponent and a team that is as athletic as Louisiana Tech, who were champions of their league last year. We're going to see different kinds of teams than Purdue. They're going to be more guard oriented, very athletic and they can get up and down the floor. For us, we've got to get our offense a little bit back on track. In Cancun, we struggled a little bit offensively but we were able to come through defensively. If you look at our offensive numbers, I'm excited that we're 5-1 and we have a lot of room to grow. From free throws to shooting percentage and all of that, as we improve those numbers I think we're going to be a much better team."



On Tulane never having beaten Louisiana Tech
"Being at Tulane for as long as I have and seeing Louisiana Tech and where they were, I think it's significant for us. We've been able to defeat a lot of opponents but that's one that we haven't been able to get. It is a tough place to play and we've got to be ready for the challenge. They get a great fan base, they're tough at home so it's certainly going to be a challenge."


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