Coach Stockton's Comments Prior To Wednesday's Game vs Auburn



Nov. 27, 2012

On playing Auburn
"We're excited about playing an SEC opponent and one that a lot of our players are familiar with. I think they're going to throw some things at us that we haven't seen. They do a lot of match-up zone and they're going to do a lot of zone pressure. We've been working on that and it's very similar to what LSU does now. We've got to be ready to change our style and our game plan a bit to be able to counter them."

On Auburn's size advantage
"A lot of their size, a little bit like ours, is on the perimeter. They've got some big guards that like to shoot the 3. I don't look at them as a true low-post type of team but what they do well is they rebound well. If they miss a shot, they're going to go and get it. They're very athletic. That is one of the keys. We have to keep them off the boards and not give them a lot of second-chance opportunities."

On if this is a bigger game for Tulane based on Auburn's conference affiliation
"I think to get noticed, you have to beat teams from big conferences. In our next three games, we have a chance to go against two good SEC opponents and we have to do well against them. If we want to establish ourselves as one of the best teams, we have to beat teams that are in strong conferences."

On if her team is better now than it was when the season opened
"I think we're better. I think we've made better decisions. Offensively, we're flowing a little bit better than we were then. Defensively, we've still got some work to do. I was glad to see our team be able to tighten up defensively when it counted. Even when Southern or Bradley made a run at us, I thought our defense really countered and we were able to finish those games off. I do think we're better. I think some players are getting some confidence and learning their roles."

On playing on television and what it would mean to have a good crowd on hand
"This is a great venue when you have a crowd to give you an advantage. The big thing is TV shows off our program. It says a lot about the support of our program. Hopefully, we can have some students and some people in the stands that can come support the team and show just how strong of a program we have."