Grace Daley's Player's Diary



Nov. 24, 1999

Greetings Green Wave fans,

What an exciting weekend! None of us anticipated an overtime win for our season opener! Wait a minute -- enough about the game for a second -- dinner at the Scanlon's was fantastic! We had a great time at Kelly's house --

there's nothing like a home-cooked meal on the road, followed by some quality time watching ABC's new addictive show, "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire."

What a suspenseful show!

Speaking of suspense -- I had a bit of pre-game jitters for our game versus Siena! We had our shoot-around that morning, and at the end of it, I kicked my basketball shoes off (about 15 feet in front of me), put my sweats on, got my stuff together and headed toward the bus. Later, we had our pre-game meal and then Salome and I played video games downstairs in the hotel until it was time to get ready for the game.

I went up to my room, got my uniform on, shooting shirt, warm up pants and . .. . wait a minute . . . I was missing something. Remember those shoes I kicked off after shooting practice? Well, I realized then that I had left them in the gym! I didn't want to mention anything to the coaches right away because I didn't want to give them any extra anxiety before the game, so I spent the entire time on the way to the gym devoutly praying that someone had picked up my shoes and didn't steal them! Well, God answers prayers! :-)

The game ended up having the crowd in as much suspense as I was on the bus headed for the game without my shoes! Remember, it was a come-from-behind overtime win! This team definitely has the potential for greatness and we got to see this early on in the way we dealt with adversity in that game. We never stopped fighting, and we really showed a whole lot of heart. On top of that, to help our cause, we had some stellar fan support!

Siena (located in upstate New York) recorded their second largest crowd ever at our game, but the fun part was that the majority of the audience were Tulane fans! Kelly Scanlon had a huge group of supporters, Taryn Turnbull's entire family took the five-hour drive from Canada to come and see us, and I have to mention Britt Themann's family because they've been at more games than I have played in this year! :-)

Well, we're getting ready to play UNC-Asheville on Friday. Practices have been going very well and we're ready to add another mark in the win column! Hope to see you all there! I'll catch you all on the rebound! Thanks for your time.

TTFN -- ta ta for now!