Coach Stockton's Comments Prior To Monday's Game At ULM



Nov. 11, 2012

On the improvement she'd like to see her team make in the ULM game from the season opener
"Overall, I felt like we had too many turnovers in the second half (against Louisiana Tech). We did a great job in the first half with only seven and we had 14 in the second half. We definitely have to improve on that. Defensively, we have to be able to clamp down. We certainly did in the last two minutes of the game, but I felt like they really make a run when our defense didn't stop them."

On the ULM team
"Traditionally, they play very hard defensively. They're going to be all over us and be very, very aggressive. Another consistent thing about Mona's teams is their offensive rebounding. I don't think there has ever been a year - and I don't care what team we've had - that we've won the rebounding battle with them. It's just something that they're well-coached in. I got to see their game against Stephen F. Austin. I thought they did a great job in the first half and a lot of the game, and a lot of that was because they were just aggressive. It was what Louisiana Tech did to us and they're going to attack us. That's something we need to expect tomorrow. Obviously, we're not home so we may not get the calls. It's going to be a different type of game. We're going to have to play well. It'll be a game where we'll have to manage those boards and manage our turnovers."

On Tulane's winning streak against in-state opponents
"I certainly respect the basketball in this state. It's tremendously strong and it's a nice thing to know, but it's an opponent. In our non-conference season, we have to go out and do well. There are a lot of different things about our team that we're working on. We have to learn our rotations. As coaches, we have to figure out what people can do at game time. Each of these games is as much of a growing experience for our staff as it is for our players. I think we have a lot of talent. It's just about being able to use it and maximize it."



On the game at ULM being the first of a four-game road swing
"You build your resume in nonconference, but you also build your team. Building on the road is okay for us. I think we can be very focused. We're together and there's a lot of attention on basketball as opposed to everything else. On a trip like this, we have all day tomorrow where we can really focus on some things. We'll play again on Friday and then we go for a tournament. I think the team gets excited for tournaments. It's two games and you try and win that out. It'll be good trip for us."