Coach Stockton's Comments Entering The Season Opener Against UNO



Nov. 6, 2013

On opening the season on Friday against UNO
"First of all, we're ready to get started. As a coach, I think we've practiced well. I think the players are ready to go. We're excited about this being a doubleheader, which is a great way to tipoff to Tulane men's and women's basketball. And this is a familiar foe as we're playing a cross-town rival. It's been a long time since we've played UNO."

On the way her team has taken shape during preseason practice
"I really like where we are right now. We've had a couple of scrimmages and I think we've done some very good things there. Different players are emerging and that's what you expect this time or year. There are different roles for some players. Our young players are doing really well and they're going to play an important role for us. This is a team that is going to come together and develop and as we play. I'm excited. I love our enthusiasm. I love our energy and I look forward to a good year."

On Friday's opponent, the UNO Privateers
"I think that's the most interesting thing - we just don't know a whole lot about them. They lost some players from last year and have lot of new players coming in this year. Friday will be very telling with what kind of style they're going to play, so we've got to be ready for anything. That's probably good for us. It's good to have your team go in and adjust as we go."

On Monday's opponent, the McNeese State Cowgirls
"McNeese is certainly a more familiar opponent for us. I thought McNeese played very well against us last year, so we've got to be ready to step up and play against them. We certainly know more about them. They've had a pretty good program over the last few years so it'll be an exciting weekend."