Coach Stockton's Comments Heading Into Sunday's Practice



Sept. 30, 2012

On her excitement heading into the season
"I certainly think it gives you a lot more confidence when you don't have as many questions as we did going into last year. We have that experience and only lose one (key) player. We hope to build on a 23-win season from last year and do something really special."

On the returning players as well as the return of Whitney Bibbins, who missed last season with an injury
"Whitney is a tremendous player and hopefully she will continue to progress. She's starting practice today and is doing some things today. By the time we tip off (the regular season), we hope she's with us. Having her is very important for us. We also have a great senior class. They've really challenged this team to work hard over the summer. This group has probably put more time in during the summer than any I remember."

On Tulane's senior class
"To start with, the nice thing is that Brittany McDonald made it through the preseason healthy for the first time since she's been here. We're all really happy about that. She's healthy and it's been a long time coming. Janique is faster and just in tremendous shape. This is the best I've seen her in her career. When you look at last season and our returning players, Tyria Snow was probably the surprise of the group. She was so consistent and so important for us. And of course, a lot revolves around Olivia Grayson. I think her ability to do so many things offensively and defensively is a key for us."

On the sophomore class, which played extensive minutes last year as freshmen
"First of all, I was tremendously pleased with the way the freshmen contributed for us last year. I think sometime between your freshman and your sophomore year is when you make a tremendous jump as far as knowing the game. Nothing should surprise them since they've been there before. If we can get that kind of improvement form those five players, we're already a much better team than we were last year."