Coach Stockton's Comments Heading Into Wednesday's WNIT Game At Auburn



March 26, 2013

On playing in the third round of the WNIT against a team the Green Wave played earlier in the year
"It's two-fold. We're excited about playing an SEC team. We feel like we've played well against the SEC and obviously this is one against a team that we felt let one get away earlier in the year. This team is really focused on trying to see how positive we can end the season. Our game at Arkansas was such a well-played game on our part as far as getting contributions from the bench and getting leadership from our seniors. It's exciting to see what kind of run we can make."

On her stated goal at the start of the WNIT for the seniors to play well and the younger players to assert themselves
"They did that. In the game at Arkansas, some of our younger kids really came in and played some of their best basketball at the end. That's an important part of this, for the younger players to really benefit from this experience of playing. In addition, the seniors have really applied their leadership."

On if there is a revenge factor involved in Wednesday's game at Auburn
"That game was so early in the season and I think both teams are different. Although we know the personnel and we remember what we did well and not well, it'll be a different game. Both teams have matured. I think it probably has our players' attention a little more because we have played them and it was one that got away from us. Again, at this point of the season, this game is a chance to get to the Elite 8. What's probably the biggest focus for us is what this game can mean for us."

On her team being able to focus on basketball while the University enjoys Spring Break
"When you play in the middle of the week, you can miss so much class and that's been very stressful for us. It is a little bit of an advantage for us because we don't feel like we're leaving so much behind. Playing on the road is something we've done really well this year. When people ask if it could be a positive or a negative for us, I think it's a positive."



On what it would take for Tulane to win and advance to the WNIT's fourth round
"I feel like we need to have the same energy and enthusiasm that we had at Arkansas. That was the key for that win - the intensity from our bench, the intensity on the floor. We didn't play a perfect game, but we played so well together. That's what it takes this time of year - finding a way. That's basically what it is and we have to find a way. It's certainly a tough challenge for us, too. This is two straight SEC teams on the road. That's a big challenge for your program."

On how Auburn has played so far in the WNIT
"One thing they've done well in the WNIT is creating turnovers. They've won two games over two very good teams by creating turnovers and scoring off of them. Also, they've been very aggressive on the boards. Those are two things that we're going to have to take care of. We took care of the ball at our place until the last three minutes, and that's what cost us the game. We have to learn from that mistake going into this."

On Tulane's effort defensively through the first two WNIT contests
"I think we're playing smart. We're able to get good scouts on our opponents and play smart. There is a fatigue factor this time of year, and maybe the fatigue has affected us less because we are deep. That could be a factor in this. We're playing pretty focused and we're taking advantage of other teams that have played a lot of minutes."