Grace Daley's Player Diary

TULANEGREENWAVE.COM Grace Daley gives a postseason update.
Grace Daley gives a postseason update.

Greetings Green Wave Fans!

It's tournament time -- let the madness begin! This is definitely the most exciting part of the year! It's where you really have to take the cliche 'play every game as if it is your last', literally -- or it really will be!

We're excited about seeing what seed we'll be and where we're going to end up. Apart from our 24 wins, we got an automatic bid by winning our conference tournanment.

I was reading my copy of Pooh's Little Instruction Book and I ran across this quote. "When you are pretty sure an adventure is going to happen, brush the honey off your nose and spruce yourself up the best you can, so as to look ready for anything."

Well, a huge, exciting -- or as my pal Tigger would say -- an absitively posolutely splendiferous adventure is in our near future! We're going to sit tight until the selection show on Sunday evening, but until then we'll be in practice sprucing ourselves up for whatever challenge -- or shall I say, opportunity -- awaits us.

After we find out where we'll be going or, if I had it my way, who will be coming to us, I'll drop you all another line to let you know how practice is going and tell you what we've been doing to get ready for our big adventure!

Have a great day! TTFN -- ta ta for now -- Grace