Coach Stockton's Comments Heading Into Saturday's C-USA Game At UAB



Feb. 21, 2014

Overall thoughts on the matchup
"It certainly is nice to have a familiar opponent. We've had so many that we haven't played before, but we're excited. Having the week off was good for us. We've been able to work on some things and get some rest, and we're ready to start again. Obviously, it's coming down to it. There are four games left and all of them really count."

On the two teams being so close on the stat sheet
"One of the big differences is that we've both been in close games and we've been able to pull some of them out and they've lost some games in overtime. They're a very good team. They're one that's probably a little underrated and they've given everyone a good game. You've got to go in there and expect something really good."

On her team being 6-0 in Conference USA road games so far this season
"It's easier sometimes to have focus on the road because that's what we're there for. It's a business trip. Our players have done a good job. I think we've shown a little maturity in conference play as far as being prepared for our conference opponents. Sometimes you get more rest on the road so maybe that's helped us too."

On the team being able to control its destiny and getting some help from other teams earlier in the week
"It's important that we learn from those. Two teams in UTEP and East Carolina have lost to teams that we are a little surprised they lost to. Anyone can beat anybody in the conference. That should be a wake-up call for us - that when you go up to UAB or you have Tulsa here at home, those games are huge and you can't look ahead."

On the timing of Tulane's bye and the importance of taking advantage at this point of the season
"It's been a long season and the travel has been tough. When you look at this point in the season, in late February, this week was very valuable to us. It was something that we felt good about looking ahead. We had a great plan going into this week to how we can handle it."



On the importance of staying in the top four in C-USA and receive a double-bye in the championship tournament
"It's fun to be in our position. Looking ahead, we'd like to be the top seed and we're in a position where we can do that if we take care of business. This is what you play for. The season comes down to these four games, how well you handle them and how well your team handles them. This is when it's really fun."

On what the team needs to do to achieve its goal of winning a C-USA regular-season title
"It's really simple. We have to do the things we've done. We have to go hard. We have to play hard. We have to play as a team, and we're good when we're nice and balanced. You can't turn over the ball and you have to rebound. Those are keys for us, but I don't think we should change anything that we're doing. If we try to look ahead or if we try and think of the big picture instead of what's in front of us, that can hurt us. Last year, we were in a situation where we could have shared the title. We had the last game of the season where we could have shared it and we didn't handle it well. Hopefully we learned for that and will end up in a different position."