Coach Stockton's Comments Heading Into Saturday's Play 4Kay Contest vs FIU



Feb. 14, 2014

Overall thoughts on the matchup
"It's certainly going to be an exciting game. When you've got a player like Coley who has been back and forth in leading the nation in scoring, she's a dynamic guard who is exciting to watch. They've played very well and they've been in close games with all of the top teams in our conference. They do so many things well. They rebound well. They have a fast-paced game and, of course, one of the nation's leading scorers."

On the difference between a team like FIU which has one big weapon compared to a team like FAU with multiple threats
"It's a totally different game. You've got to have a different mindset and different preparation. One thing that Florida International is going to do is they're going to have true post players who are going to post up. Obviously, most of the shots are going to shot by one player but they're more of a traditional type team than a Florida Atlantic that we had to guard outside of the 3-point line."

On the `Play 4Kay' movement
"It's great to see how far it has come. You look back over the years where it was just an idea. Now, all of these teams have bought into it and it's really a special recognition and a fundraiser. I knew Kay Yow. I grew up at her camps. She was tremendously courageous in how she handled breast cancer and how much she used that to fight for a cure. She really spent most of her life doing that."

On how far the movement has come over the last few years
"It has come a long way. It's nice to put a name with it. It used to be `Think Pink' and it's nice to put the name of someone who did a lot to promote the search for a cure and to look for answers. For me personally, having known Kay, this game will always be special."

On Kay Yow's importance not only to breast cancer awareness but to college basketball as well
"She's one of the pioneers of our game. She's really one of the first coaches that I grew up with who was a full-time coach. Most of the time, you did other things. One memory that I have when you talk about this game is Indira Kaljo. I'll never have this game without thinking of her hitting a 3-pointer to beat East Carolina in our game her (in 2009). She lost her mother to breast cancer and I think that is one of those moments that you just reflect on and get pretty inspired."



On what her team has done well and what it needs to do to finish the regular season on a hot streak
"For us, I think we need to stay within our game. One way that we're strong is we take advantage of what we can, whether it's inside or outside, our zone defense or our man defense. I think we've got a full game. We've really challenged our team to look at these games and really give us a different energy than we had at the beginning of the conference season. I think we've had that, especially in our last two games."

On her players emerging in the roles that have developed throughout the season
"You're seeing that junior class, which has a great deal of experience, really emerging. I thought Danielle Blagg played with such good energy the other night. She got rebounds and really played great defense. It's nice to see our players have those roles and do them every night."