Coach Stockton's Comments Heading Into Wednesday's Game At FAU



Feb. 11, 2014

Overall thoughts on the matchup
"This is definitely a different type of team we're playing. It's a team that lives and dies by the 3. They're playing very well and they're putting up a lot of points. Their stats are pretty interesting. They're not very good at rebounding and they give up a lot of points, but they have an offense that can really score."

On if it is more important to try and stop FAU's offense or try and keep pace
"I think it's possessions. They're a team that wants a lot of possessions. The more possessions they get, they more opportunity they have for 3s. It's similar to the Saint Francis game that we played earlier in the year where they want to make you shoot quick, they want to make you turn over the ball and they want to get the ball back quickly. For us, patience is going to be a real key."

On having to play strong over the final six games of the regular season
"You have to approach these six games as if anything can happen - good or bad. You definitely have to take it one game at a time. This is a unique challenge playing at Florida Atlantic. They've played very well lately. They played a three-point game at East Carolina so you have to go in there and really respect them, and then you really have to regroup. We've had two of the best practices we've had all year in the last two days. Our focus right now has to be about us and our energy, and not playing tired or fatigued here in February. We've challenged our team to do something special and they have their goals. I also think we're focusing on the little things and I like the way our team came out this week."

On the team controlling its own destiny with six games to play
"Six games is a lot of games to go, but we have reminded them that we do control our own destiny. A lot of things can happen in these next few weeks, good and bad, and if we just take care of business we'll be in position to control our fate in the last game here. For us, we have to respect these teams with a .500 record. We really had some letdowns against those teams, and we've got to go into this week and play well."



On how her team is playing of late
"We have to start stronger than we've started, but the thing I feel good about is that this team can finish. That's something that in the last couple of years we might not have been our best at - finishing our second half. In the last five minutes, we've been very good whether we've been behind or ahead, we keep a lead or get a lead. We've hit shots down the stretch. Some of this game is luck. Some of it is working hard. Right now, things have gone our way. We've got to keep doing what we're doing and create our own breaks."

On Tulane having players on its roster from the towns the team has played its last three road games
"The good thing about having a national conference is when you recruit nationally you can take those players home. We haven't played a great deal in Florida, so it's great that Jamie [Kaplan] can go home and be in somewhat of a home crowd. It's a couple of hours away, but it'll definitely be an exciting trip for her."