Coach Stockton's Comments Heading Into Wednesday's Game At Rice



Jan. 28, 2014

On having the change the team's travel schedule due to inclement weather
"With this weather, we had to change our schedule. With classes being cancelled today at Tulane, we got on a bus last night instead of flying. It ended up being a good plan because all of the flights out of New Orleans were cancelled today. The good thing is we can get a little bit more rest on the road and maybe have a little more prep time than we thought we were going to have."

On facing Rice and star forward Jessica Kuster
"This is always a tough game when we come here. It's always very challenging to win on their court. You talk about a player that is averaging a double-double in Kuster. Finally, she's a senior and she's having a tremendous year. It's going to be a tough challenge for our players to match up. We have to play our game, we really have to score and we have to play consistently for all 40 minutes."

On the similarity between Tulane and Rice as institutions
"Traditionally, this has always been a good game. No matter where our programs were in that particular year, this is always a challenging game. We've always played them twice and now we only have them once. These are two similar programs. The players know each other pretty well and it's always a good matchup."

On the way her team is playing of late
"I think we have to keep everything in perspective. We're only two games away from being in the middle of the conference pack. I like our attitude. I like that we're fighting, we're really doing some nice things and we're finding a way to win. As a coach, that's something that you sometimes search for and our players have done that. I like that we're coming out aggressively in the games. That's been a real positive for us. Hopefully we can play on the road here, get a good win and get back home."

On how her team matches up with the other four players on the court besides Jessica Kuster
"It's challenging because they play so many. They play 12 players, so you say, `Who's the matchup?' They're going to have different players on the floor and the big challenge for our players is to know what those players like to do. Normally, at this time of year, you have eight or nine that you match up with. It's really going to be 12 tomorrow."