Coach Stockton's Comments Heading Into Thursday's Game At Rice



Jan. 16, 2013

On the play of her team to date
"I think if we do the little things, we put ourselves in a position to win. For us, our challenge is to just be consistent. We've had games where we play really well and we've had games where we just go cold at times. Our goals have been to execute and play a better 40 minutes than we've played. At Marshall, I thought we did some good things, especially in the second half. We executed and our defense was good, and that made such a difference in the game."

On what the team has to do against a player like Rice's Jessica Kuster
"She's playing more wing than she has in the past, but they are a team that has great size. They've got different players that can post up and that's going to be a challenge. I don't think you ever talk about stopping somebody like her. I think you have to make it hard to get the shots that she wants. That's got to be our goal. She's one of those people who are going to have a double-double on a bad night. It's five-on-five and you've got to beat the whole five."

On being undefeated on the road so far this season
"I've always felt that our players play well on the road. I never think that there's a drop-off when we go on the road. To do well in this league, you're going to have to win games on the road in order to put yourself in position to succeed."

On the importance of playing well in the early C-USA season to potentially get a lead in the race
"It's so early to think about that. I think you've got to take everyone seriously and you've got to go after them. Things are going to fall the way they're going to fall. You can only concentrate on the team in front of you. This is a tough week. We've got Rice on the road and them Memphis here, but you can only worry about Rice right now. For us, I don't think this team has reached its potential. We have to keep getting better in order to reach it."