Grace Daley's Player's Diary



Greetings Green Wave Fans,

I have to apologize again for the delay in writing this diary entry. I've been having so much fun over this break that I've barely been spending any time in front of my computer! Classes resume on January 12th, so my paradise (basketball and video games all day long) will be over in eight days :-( It sure has been fun though!

We're 12-0 right now and this is a great feeling! I can't even remember how it feels to lose! Wait a minute - let me retract that last statement. Salome and I play basketball video games all the time and I've been getting pounded lately! I use the Lakers about 95% of the time and she says the reason I keep losing is because I'm not versatile. I go to the same players and run the same plays every game. Salome, on the other hand, can use any team in the game and find a way to beat me.

I started thinking about it and I realized that it's a good thing our coaches don't run our team the way I play video games! We'd be doomed! I've got Kobe Bryant and Glen Rice on my team, but I keep pounding the ball into Shaq all game long. I barely even use my other players. The reason we've been so successful (Tulane) is not just because we have such a huge arsenal of weapons to use on the court. It's because the people behind the controllers (coaches) know what they have and know how to use them. My Lakers team is stacked, but I still find a way to lose.

I've never been on a team like this one before. We're undefeated right now and the only team in the nation that I believe is capable of beating us is ourselves. Our coaches asked us to scout ourselves the other day and try to think of what other teams could take away from us to stop us. I couldn't think of a single thing that we did not have the weapons or strategy to counter!

Salome told me that the reason I keep losing in the video games is becuase I'm not versatile enough and I never let my players use their full potential. I say the reason we keep winning in the real game is because not only do we have an unbelievably versatile team but we have a great coaching staff behind the controllers. It takes both to win games and we've got that!

We've got a big weekend ahead of us to practice for (games Friday against UAB and Sunday against Memphis) so I'm going to sign off and get some rest. I hope you all enjoyed your holiday break as much as I am enjoying mine right now! I'll catch y'all on the rebound! TTFN! ta ta for now!