Coach Stockton's Comments Heading Into Sunday's Game Against No. 16 LSU



Jan. 3, 2014

Overall thoughts on the upcoming game against LSU
"I think it's going to be a great matchup. You're talking about a team in the Top 20 in LSU. They're playing very well and they have some newcomers playing very well. For us, I think we've turned a corner and are playing a lot better. Having it in our gym in our last non-conference game, we're very excited."

On the way her team is playing entering the ballgame
"I like the way we're playing. We're playing very unselfishly and we've had a lot of players step up on different nights. During the DoubleTree Classic, we had a couple of players with double-doubles the first night and the next other players really emerged. It's nice to have the depth that we have and players just playing with confidence."

On if winning the last three games against LSU gives Tulane an edge in this matchup
"I don't know if it's an advantage. The only advantage is our players have been there before and they've played that game before. The nice thing about games like that is that it's not a conference championship. It's not something that you look at for your conference, but it's a little bit of pride and it's also matching up against a really good team and seeing how you can do against a really good team. Our players have answered the challenge the last few years and I'm challenging this team to do the same."

On what she hopes to get out of this game, being the team's final contest before starting Conference USA play
"I think a win would be big because of momentum but again, you don't evaluate your season on Top 20 opponents. For us, we'll have to get some confidence either way from this game and we've got two tough conference games right after that. It's important that we're ready to play against Marshall and get something out of this game to get better."

On if she is pleased with her team's defensive improvement of late
"I am. During the exam break, we really put a lot of effort on the defense and trying to change our mentality a little bit. I think we've really seen the results of that in the last few games in Florida and also during the DoubleTree. The players are doing a much better job with that. In rebounding, we're doing a much better job and we just talked about being more consistent on the defensive end. Offensively, you're going to come and go. I definitely think we won the finals of the DoubleTree because of our defense and hopefully we can depend on that as we go through the conference season."



On LSU having so many new faces on the roster
"Last year, the game was so early that we didn't know much about them. We do have a lot of film on them. They've played as many games as we have and they played Tennessee (on Thursday). For us, we know some of their regulars - Theresa Plaisance and Jeanne Kenney - they're still there. When you look at some of the new ones and we just have to do a good job of scouting them and being ready. I like the way our team is playing so hopefully we can come out and really play well."

On the importance of having a good crowd on hand on Sunday in Devlin Fieldhouse
"I've been in Devlin when the atmosphere was electric, especially playing an LSU team. We've played a ranked LSU team in there before and it makes such a difference for our team with the energy we can get from that crowd. Also the familiarity of being on our floor is great. For this community, this is a good as women's basketball gets right now. These two teams matching up with all the close games and overtime games that we've had, it should be another really good one."