Quotes Following Tulane's 66-53 Win Over Hampton



Dec. 29, 2011

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Head Coach Lisa Stockton

Overall thoughts on the game
"I felt really good when we were able to hold them defensively. That was my question going in. They have so many good scorers, and it was a case of are we going to be able to clamp down on them. Last night, they had 77 points. Even though we hadn't scored (early in the game), I felt really good that our defense was good and we could lock them down a little bit. After that, our offense was going to come. Once we got that going, we had a little more confidence."

On Olivia Grayson earning Tulane/DoubleTree Classic MVP honors
"She's had some big games. She's had some great scoring games for us. The one thing with her game is she will score - and she's a great scorer - but she does so many other things. Her rebounding is so important to us. She's the one that was guarding McMillian most of the night tonight and that was really important. She gets the ball to other people, like going to Brett inside, and she does so many things that are so valuable for us. With a young team, you've got to have that stable guard out there that knows where to put the ball."

On Hampton head coach David Six getting called for a technical with 2:19 left to play
"I thought it was a costly technical. Sometimes technical are in the middle of the game and they don't really affect the game. I thought that was really costly for them. We got to the free throw line, it was a distraction for a second and we had the free throws. I thought that really cost them because they had the momentum at that point."

On the team allowing Jericka Jenkins to score and limiting Choicetta McMillian's opportunities
"We didn't feel like we could handle it if both of them were hot. McMillian is such a great outside shooter, we just didn't feel that we could leave her. I think that's one of the reasons whey Jenkins got so many shots going into the lane and at the goal because we couldn't help off of McMillian. I thought Turtle did a great job on her. For the most part, we contained Jenkins from hitting the big shots when they needed them. She's a very good player."



On the performance of senior center Brett Benzio
"Brett played great tonight. I thought she played really aggressive. With her strength inside, she could really score. She did a super job. When we got her the ball, she made something happen. Either she found someone on the perimeter or she scored inside. That was really key to taking the lead and keeping it."

On the performance of Tulane's upperclassmen
"I give the upperclassmen a lot of credit for their leadership with these young freshmen. As we just talked about, our freshmen really don't know what our league is all about. I think it's the upperclassmen who have to teach them the way. Turtle and Brett are our captains and have done a great job, and so have the rest of our returners. When you're used to winning, you can make other people used to winning. I think our upperclassmen are used to championships and they want to win another one. They've done a great job of communicating that to the younger players."

On completing the non-conference portion of the 2011-12 schedule 11-2
"This is a good break for us. We usually have another game before we start so it's nice to be done. Now we can look ahead to conference play. We really have some of the top teams early in our schedule so we're going to have to be ready to play early."

Junior Guard Olivia Grayson

Overall thoughts on the game
"We knew they were going to be tough. We watched them the night before and we saw how they played. They're a real scrappy team. We just prepared for that at shoot-around and we knew we were going to have to take care of the ball. It was just something that we prepared for before the game."

On being forced to watch most of the first half with foul trouble and her response in the second
"I wasn't really frustrated. I was just upset with the calls because I didn't think they were fouls. I knew in the second half that they were going to come out with even more fire. Being an upperclassman, I knew we were going to have to set the tone and just lead throughout the rest of the game. At the beginning of the second half, I grabbed the starters and said that we were going to set the tone for the rest of the game and that's what we did."

On teammate Brett Benzio's performance against the Lady Pirates
"She had an amazing game tonight. She was everywhere. I can't say how proud I am of her. She's come a long way. We were both challenged at the end of last year and Brett has stepped up big for us this year - 21 points and I don't even know how many rebounds she had. She was everywhere tonight."

Senior Center Brett Benzio

On the two teams battling to a scoreless tie over the first seven minutes of the game
"At the beginning, we both came out really into the game but we both came out flat, though. It was really odd. When you're really hyped for a game, sometimes you come out and you're so into the game you've got jitters and stuff going on. I think that's what we did until we calmed down into how we normally play. I kept looking up at the clock and I was thinking, `We still don't have a basket? Nobody has a basket?' It was one of those games where you just expect to come out and score a lot because you're so ready for it and so hyped up for it. But sometimes you just come out flat in those situations."

On if she ever felt comfortable with the lead the Green Wave held throughout the second half
"I kept looking up and I felt like we should be up more than that. They kept coming. They made big plays when they needed to. They went down and hit 3s. (Jericka Jenkins) was big. Every time they needed a basket she had an answer for us. That's how big players are. She definitely stepped up for her team. I was just proud of the way we responded. They came out fouling at the end and we were ready to find the open player. I don't know how many times Jamie was left open and found Tiff for the layup. Turtle hit a bunch of free throws there at the end and that's what we needed."

On the performance of Olivia Grayson and of receiving All-Tournament honors
"I'm really proud of Turtle. Props to her. I will say this, without her being on the court, I couldn't have done what I did. She's definitely a player that everyone has to worry about on the court. When she gets into the paint, she's drawing one, two and three defenders. That definitely opens things up for me at my position. We were just clicking tonight. I saw here and she saw me. There's not much more I can say outside of that other than we just found our rhythm and stayed together."

On heading into the Conference USA portion of the schedule 11-2
"This is my last conference season and I must say that after the way it ended last year I kind of have that chip on my shoulder right now. I'm ready to go and as a senior say, `Let's go guys. It's time to pick it up.' We're playing great right now at 11-2, but there's so many things that we can correct that are tiny little, minor details that can make a difference in a game from being 10 points up to going up to like 20 points. Right when we go into conference, we're going to have heavier scouts and all those things. It's definitely going to help if we can focus more on that."