Quotes Following The Tulane/DoubleTree Classic Championship Game



Dec. 30, 2010

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Head Coach Lisa Stockton

On the Aidoo charge at the end of the game
"I thought Tiffany drawing the charge there on a play that could have been called a foul otherwise was really the play of the weekend for us. It took the ball out of their hands, gave it to us and we were able to get to the free throw line and at least put points on the board. Our goal was they were not going to get a 3 to beat us. If they got a 2, we were just going to have to win it in overtime. But we really had to put some pressure on them."

On the job Old Dominion did defensively
"They really played our guards really tight and I thought we did a good job of getting to the basket. That's something we've done a lot of - just getting to the floor, getting to the basket and creating in there a little bit. We didn't get a lot of shots from the free throw line, but we made some shots inside."

On Tulane rising to the challenge as the game progressed
"The nice thing is we've got players out there who have been in this situation before. With our team, we can go to people who are hot. Tiffany Aidoo was really hot this weekend and we could go to her. Sometimes it's Turtle. Sometimes it's Brett. Sometimes it's Brittany. I think it's a fun team to coach because there's usually someone that we know can put the ball in the basket."

On the Old Dominion Lady Monarchs
"I think Old Dominion is really very good. Their defensive is tough and very physical. They're big and they've got some players that can really make plays. They don't have a lot of depth, but what they have they do a lot with. Again, I think Wendy Larry is one of the best coaches in the country and their program is one of the top programs. It was a good win for us."



Senior Forward Tiffany Aidoo

Overall thoughts on the game
"I think we made little mistakes tonight, but overall this was the most intense we came out to play today. I thought we communicated very well. Compared to last night, we played a heck of a lot better. The defensive stops we had at the end really changed the game for us. That's how we got the win."

On what Old Dominion did defensively to make it tough on the Green Wave
"They were just pressuring up on us and they were denying everything. We sort of realized that and changed our game plan offensively. We were able to get back to work and changed it up. We ran plays where we would get more shots on the inside with dump-offs. I think we adjusted to their defense and that really helped us."

Overall feeling to come away with the tournament title
"This was a really great tournament for us. We see our improvement after what happened to us early yesterday. But we have everybody back so I'm anxious to see where our level of play will be before we head into conference. We have confidence after playing two great teams and winning. It's a really great start for us going into conference play."

On the overall physical play of the ballgame
"They were really physical. We played some really physical teams, but today we were really tough. We handled the pressure and physicalness of the game."

Senior Forward Danielle Nunn

On the back-and-forth nature of the game
"They were just good as a team. They were hitting baskets and we were hitting baskets. I think it really came down to those last few stops that we had. Tiffany had those charges. At the end, we switched off. We were switching off on everything. I got my hand on the ball and it wound up with Tiff and they fouled her at the end."

On what gave Tulane the confidence to win a close game
"One thing that we do in practice is that we just compete. It allows us to get that confidence. We know that if we can guard each other in practice, that means the other team is going to have to do the same thing. We just go out there and do everything as a team first and foremost."

On Tulane not being able to pull away against the Lady Monarchs
"They were just hitting some really big shots. They hit a couple of 3s that kind of cut the lead down, but we just gutted it out at the end. We made a couple of free throws, we got some baskets and we were able to take the lead at the end."

On the charge Aidoo took late in the game
"It was a relief. They could have either made the shot or kicked it out and got a 3. That changed the game right there. We got the ball back and they had to foul us at the end."

On what it feels like to come away with the Tulane/DoubleTree title
"It feels good. As a senior and coming in as a transfer, this is my last DoubleTree. To win it with the other seniors feels really good."


Head Coach Wendy Larry

Overall thoughts on the game
"Turnovers where the difference for us. We had 26 so it shouldn't have been close. We're still looking for our first road win. I'm proud of how hard we play, but sometimes we don't play as effective as we need to to win a game like that against a good Tulane team."

On what was the difference in the game
"Turnovers. That's 52 (potential) points. That's a lot of points. We battled on the boards. We did a good job on the glass. We just didn't take care of the ball."