Quotes Following Tulane's 71-65 Win Over Eastern Michigan



Dec. 29, 2012

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Tulane Head Coach Lisa Stockton

Opening statement
"We certainly had our scout on them. I think they're athletic and we felt they were better than their record. They have some individual players who are really strong. They play a 2-3 zone and we felt that we were going to see that for most of the game, which we did, and I felt we came out real aggressive. We ran the ball, and defensively, I thought we did some really good things."

On Eastern Michigan rallying from behind late in the game
"Around the eight-minute mark, I felt we got out of rhythm a little bit. We subbed a little bit. With two games back-to-back, you want to rest some people. We just got out of rhythm defensively. I felt like we gave them too many easy shots, too many put-backs and put them on the free-throw line in that second half."

On Tulane's reserves outscoring their counterparts from Eastern Michigan, 34-14
"I think we have a lot of talent. Some of our starters have been on the bench and vice versa. I think we're really good eight or nine deep and we can play anybody in that. Tonight we had some players like Danielle Blagg who came out and really shot the ball well. I thought Jamie Kaplan ran the show well in the first half and did a super job. Of course, Whitney had another great game and we've come to expect that from her."

On the play of senior wing Janique Kautsky
"One player who has really been the glue for us is Janique (Kautsky). Janique comes in and battles with them. She got a lot of the rebounds when we really needed it. We held her out toward the end, but she gets those rebounds, comes down and makes some good plays offensively."

On how Kautsky holding the team together when she's on the court
"She has been all year. I think she's had a tremendous year and she's been one of those seniors who is a great communicator and has been a glue player. She holds us together and does a lot of really good things."



On the second game of the DoubleTree Classic's opening round between Ole Miss and McNeese State
"This is going to be a great game. Both of these teams are very different than each other. They're both very talented. This is going to be a very tough task for us. Ole Miss reminds me of Auburn a little bit with their size and you've really got some good guard play with McNeese. It's going to be a good game and I look forward to watching it."

Redshirt-Sophomore Forward Whitney Bibbins

On Eastern Michigan roaring back to make things close after Tulane held a 25-point lead with 9:28 to play
"I think we just slacked off defensively and came out flat towards the end of the game. They started hitting some pretty big shots. We weren't communicating well at all and they found open players."

On Tulane's communication issues late in the ballgame
"Communication is something we've worked on these past couple of days. We just didn't connect much over the last couple of minutes and I believe they wound up scoring something like 31 points over the last eight minutes. We just didn't buckle down on them."

On what the team needs to do to improve its communication breakdowns
"We just have to work on it. We have to build on what we did yesterday and go into the game tomorrow trying to improve on the things we didn't do well today."

On Eastern Michigan's late surge
"They have some great shooters on their team. They had a lot of people knocking them down and a lot of people stepping it up and trying to do big things for their team."

On Tulane having two games left before opening Conference USA play against SMU on Jan. 10
"These are games that are getting us ready for conference. I'm very excited about conference (play) and I think we'll do well. We just have to fix the little things for our upcoming games."