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Quotes Following Tulane's 82-66 Win Over Loyola



Dec. 8, 2013

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Head Coach Lisa Stockton

Overall thoughts on the game
"I think the one thing that I'm always concerned about this time of year is that they start exams tomorrow, so it's always a tough time to play. In the last few games, we've struggled a bit with our offense, so I was really glad to see us share the ball more. We shot well from the 3-point line, we shot well from the free throw line, so it was good to see our confidence get back up tonight. We ran our fast break very well, and got some points from that, which took a little bit of pressure off of our half-court offense."

On what needs to be worked on before tournament in South Florida
"I think the one thing with this team is developing some consistency in our defense. We use a lot of different players in a lot of different roles, and I think that we've got to make sure that defensively we come out and be aggressive every single night, that's going to be a key to our success in C-USA, and it's obviously going to be a key to us beating our next opponent, Virginia in the ACC."

On what went well today
"I like that Leslie felt comfortable shooting today, just seeing that confidence there was good to see. Our players just offensively clicked a lot more, which was also good to see. I like the tempo of the game, our press created some problems, which was good to see and gave us some offense off of that. Those were all some positive things for us today."

On how Loyola played today
"I think Kellie (Kennedy) and her coaching staff do a great job with them, they certainly came here tonight with the intention of giving us their best. I thought they played very well and aggressive, they really challenged our defense. They drove at us. In the first half, they shot seven 3s and really kept us on our toes. They did a lot in transition, which really kept us alert. In the second half we really wanted to change their tempo, and we did a good job with that. I thought they played really aggressive, and it really helped us having a game like that this point in the year."



On not having Chinwe Dure today
"Chinwe's a big shot blocker in there, and also a big force, so that definitely changed our offense a little bit. Tiffany Dale has had some really good games recently, and Tierra Jones has been real strong for us in there defensively. We switched Adesuwa back into the post a little bit, and switched a few players in there, so yeah it definitely leaves us a little shorthanded, but I thought our players did a good job."

On Leslie Vorpahl's performance
"I think the great thing about Courtnie and Leslie getting the experience they are now is that they are getting a lot of minutes. I can see Leslie getting more confident, along with Courtney, really understanding the system. I think as many games as we can get under the freshmen's belt are really going to help us as we start conference play."

Freshman Guard Leslie Vorpahl

On what drove her today and what she did well
"I came out and missed a couple of shots, but my teammates were always behind me the whole way, just telling me to keep shooting. They really opened it up for me to be able to penetrate and get shots of my own. Lay ups and free throws are pretty easy to get to when that happens, and with everybody else, when you penetrate, you can give assists, and you can get points that way. You have to kind of work for the easy points if your shot is not on and I think we are kind of getting better at doing that."

On 16-0 run after early tie in first half, what did Coach say to inspire the team
"Get feisty. It's good to see when coach gets into it; when she is more energetic then we are, that's a problem. We just needed to get more energy on the court and get meaner and want to get the stop and get the ball. She really just talked some sense into us, like she always does."


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