Coach Stockton's Quotes Following Tulane's 62-52 Loss At Auburn



Dec. 3, 2013

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Overall thoughts on the game
"It was a tale of two halves, honestly. My message at halftime was that (the first half) was the worst half of basketball I have seen us play in I don't remember how long. We did some of the right things with the right positions, but we made the wrong pass or we just didn't make a good pass. We turned the ball over. Defensively, we just didn't really like to stop them. The thing I said at the end of the game was we gave up 37 points in the first half, and we gave up 25 in the second. We didn't shoot much better, but we got offensive rebounds and played defense. If we could have put together two halves like that back-to-back, we really could have competed in this game. But when you are down 17, it is just tough."

On her team's effort in the second half
"We just battled. One of the challenges we have is that this team has so many players in new roles. This junior class has different roles from what they had last year. They have got to know that they have to battle. Last year, we could let the seniors battle, but this year it has to be them. I thought Jamie Kaplan did a great job at that. I thought Adesuwa (Ebomwonyi) was tremendous on the boards. Tiffany Dale had another good night. We just have to have better play for 40 minutes. We missed some free throws, and that was certainly significant, but the 17-point deficit at halftime was significant."

On cutting into the Auburn lead late
"We got it down to seven at one time, and the bad thing was that we were just afraid to sub at that point. We had momentum, we were afraid to sub and we were probably just real fatigued at that point."

On the performance of junior forward Tiffany Dale
"The nice thing is that we are getting some players, one-by-one, who are playing well. I think Tiffany has had two good games back to back. I've challenged Adesuwa to come out and play like she played early in the season. This is a tough game for a point guard, because you have to go against that press on every possession, and I thought Jamie did well. She didn't have many turnovers. She had just two for the game in 34 minutes. That's real good. She got us in our offense. Chinwe (Duru) came in and really battled. We had some good play. We were just so horrendous in the first half."



On playing N.C. State, Ole Miss and Auburn in consecutive games
"We just have to get some consistency. One of the things we talked about was that we played these three games because we wanted to be better. If we can use these games to make us better, it is going to help. We didn't want to sit back and play teams that we feel like we are superior than. We wanted to challenge ourselves. And this is a tough place to play. We are proud we were able to battle back."

On coming out of that stretch 0-3
"You have to look at the personnel and the line-up. We have a tough tournament coming up in Florida with Virginia and St. Francis. Those are two tough teams, and then we have the DoubleTree Classic. Hopefully, this will put us in a better position. I don't think coaches can get their players' attention without some adversity, and we've certainly had some adversity lately."

On these games getting the team ready for Conference USA play
"For us, we have to do well in the conference. That is kind of how our conference has been lined up. If we don't do well in the conference, we have a tough time of getting to the postseason. We hope that these games don't hurt us. We hope that they make us better."