Quotes Following Tulane's 73-58 Win Over UNC-Wilmington



Dec. 2, 2012

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Head Coach Lisa Stockton

On Tulane holding a 50-37 advantage in rebounding
"Certainly our rebounding was huge. It was a point of emphasis the last two days. In the first half, I felt that we had our hands on a lot of balls and just couldn't pull them in. In the second half, I thought we were able to secure more."

On UNC-Wilmington posting a higher field goal percentage than Tulane
"We had so many open shots. I don't know that we could get better shots than we had today. We just missed so many around the basket. I think that just comes with practice and you've got a lot of young players in there. Chinwe was really excited and had a lot of shots in there. A couple of Tiffany Dale's rolled out. The one thing is you're glad you got them. You just have to keep working on the confidence to make sure you hit them."

On Tulane taking care of the ball
"The last two games - even the Auburn game when I think we had 13 for the whole game - has been a real positive for us. Today, I think we shot better from the 3 than we did from the floor. That's always a good sign and we were shooting well. Defensively, I thought we did some good things at times tonight."

On bouncing back from Wednesday's loss and being able to pull away from the Seahawks in the second half
"After any loss, your focus is on your team. One of the things we focused on was how we came out for the second half. We changed some things and we came out at that media (timeout) up seven from the half and I thought that was a good sign. Our seniors and our upperclassmen really did a good job of setting the tone for the second half. Hopefully that's something that we can continue doing."

On trying to instill a killer instinct in her team
"We love to win. Sometimes, I don't think we have that killer instinct. Maybe I ask a lot from them, but we're playing a lot of players and we feel that when we sub there shouldn't be a lot of dropoff. When we sub, we should see something from that group that we're subbing in and we should take advantage of the teams that are tired. I thought we did that a little more in the second half than we did in the first half."

On the performances of Whitney Bibbins and Olivia Grayson
"I think there were a lot of good things. Whitney just does so many good things: not just scoring, but rebounding and playing defense. Turtle plays about every position on the floor. I thought both of them had a nice game. I also thought Jamie Kaplan with six assists and no turnovers, that's what you want from a point guard. Tierra Jones had nine rebounds. I think we had a lot of people come in and contribute today."

On Tulane play more aggressively on defense today
"I thought at times, we were much more aggressive. There were times when we backed off and they got those open shots, but for the most part, I thought we were much more aggressive and tried to take some things away. We held their leading scorer to two points. Our goal was to double her when she caught the ball, and I thought we did a good job of doing that. Other players had to make plays and we were able to contain that."

Senior Guard Olivia Grayson

Overall thoughts on the game
"Our mentality going into this game was just to relax and play our game, and not let our opponent affect us so much. I felt like in the second half of the Auburn game, we let them affect us more than we should have. It was really just focusing on our energy for 40 minutes."

On Tulane holding a 50-37 rebounding advantage
"It was a big part because we felt coming into this game that we could dominate the boards. If we could dominate the offensive boards and the defensive boards, we would win."

On what Tulane learned from today's game
"We need to fix the little things. We made a lot of little mistakes that cost us baskets. We need to work on ourselves and focus on what we need to improve on: talking and communicating on defense, consistent offense and playing for 40 minutes."

On committing just 10 turnovers while forcing 18 with 11 coming via steal
"We've been working on our turnovers this week because we felt it was a big part of the Auburn game. In our last couple of games, we've been turning over the ball a lot and that takes away possessions. If we don't turn the ball over, we get more opportunities to score on offense."

On Tulane being able to pull away from UNC-Wilmington in the second half
"When we look back to the Auburn game, we have to learn from that game that we have to come out in the second half stronger than in the first, especially if other team is down. You have to put yourself in their shoes and think of the mentality that they're going to come out with and match that. That's what we were able to do in the second half today."