Coach Stockton's Quotes Following Tulane's 89-6 Loss To Ole Miss



Nov. 30, 2013

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Overall thoughts on the game
"First of all, they were shooting very well. They were a team shooting 35 percent on the year and they hit four of their first five shots. They really gained some confidence from that and we just didn't take very good shots in the beginning. We didn't feel like we couldn't recovery, but in the first half it was our rebounding. They were hitting their shots, they were getting in there and getting fouled, and getting some rebounds. For us, we were one-and-done. We didn't have many offensive rebounds in the first half. We got ourselves in a real hole there. In the second half, they came out and shot the ball. We just have to play tougher. That's what we just talked about in the locker room. I don't think we played very physical. I don't think we played very tough. That's the key when you play an SEC team or a team from a big conference. I thought that's the best I've seen Ole Miss play all year, but I also think we made a lot of mistakes that they really took advantage of."

On the performance of Tiffany Dale
"Tiffany is really a big player on both ends of the floor. Up to this point of the season, she really hasn't shown it. Today, she was really aggressive. This was the most aggressive she's been. She wanted to ball on offense. She got a rebound on the defensive end and really attacked with the dribble. She just looked like a very confident player out there. We really didn't get a lot from our other post players. Tierra Jones actually gave us some toughness, but we just didn't get a whole lot in the paint today and we have to work harder for it. In the second half we got some good looks from the perimeter, but we just didn't hit them."

On what was working for the Wave today
"I don't know what was clicking for us really today. I don't know which end was worse. We talked about having a bad shooting night tonight. We shot 34 percent and still put up 66 points. If you can get anything going defensively and score 66 points, you've got a chance. We just absolutely couldn't stop them. We went to N.C. State and kind of had the same situation where we had a hard time defensively. Today, we had a hard time defensively. We've got a really good Auburn team that we're playing on Tuesday and they'll take advantage of that if we don't play a lot tougher than we did."