Quotes Following Tulane's 54-52 Win At LSU



Nov. 23, 2010

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Head Coach Lisa Stockton

Opening Statement
"First, I'm very happy for our seniors. This has been a very special group. They've been through a lot, and I'm just very happy. A lot of them are Louisiana kids, and I'm glad they had this opportunity tonight. It was certainly not a pretty game. The percentages weren't great, but I thought our team fought hard."

On the significance of triumphing over LSU
"I think that we've played good schedules and had good wins. LSU's program has put itself at the elite level, and has done a tremendous job there. I am very proud. We felt like this is a game that would be one of those games at the end of the year that people would look back on, and it would be a good win for us. For us, it's about us building a resume and trying to make this team better than last year's team. I know that's a little focused on us, but I've played LSU probably way too much since I've been at Tulane. However, I've always thought this was a game we are so excited for, but sometimes that really hurt us. I don't want to put any more pressure or any more significance on this game than need be because it is only one of our thirty."

On LSU's 13-0 run in the first half
"I felt like LSU was a lot more aggressive offensively at that time. I also thought that during that time that LSU really cranked it up defensively, too. They didn't give us as many looks. I thought we were shooting the ball really well up to that point LSU took some of those things away, and capitalized on some of those opportunities. That was something I think they created."

On taking a lot of 3-pointers in tonight's game
"It wasn't the game plan to take a lot of three's. We run four guards right now, and we've had quite a few injuries. We have a lot of guards, and we are kind of guard-oriented. Some of our goals are to get the best shots we can get. Tiffany Aidoo was one for five, but she was the leading three-point shooter in our conference last year. I think when she gets a look, we are going to let her take it. I do think that's what LSU gave us tonight. I think they gave us some outside shots. I think that might have been their game plan, and at times that was really effective."



On Roshaunda Barnes' performance and her importance on the team
"She is very important. In our last game, she had a tremendous game offensively and defensively at Stephen F. Austin. She is the one who makes us go. I think she has tremendous speed; she's really one of the fastest players I've ever coached. Over the last four years, I think she's really grown as a basketball player, and has become a player that sees the floor really well. She can score herself, but also defensively can play well. I think she's very important, and she was very important to our success last year in winning both our championships in our conference."

Senior Point Guard Roshaunda Barnes

On how the LSU win will help the team in the long run
"It's going to give us a lot of confidence as a team and I think it's going to help us push forward. LSU is a great team and the SEC is a great conference. I think this will help us a lot."

On the final minute of the game
"Longest minute of my life. It lasted forever. I wouldn't have the outcome any other way. We won, we pulled it out, but I would like to have done a few things differently so that it didn't come down to free throws."

On her scoring in the second half
"I was just focused and determined. I wasn't going to be denied. Coach told me, `You're the fastest thing out there and you can get to the goal.' I just went to the goal and they dropped for me finally."

Sophomore Guard Olivia Grayson

On overcoming LSU's 13-0 run midway through the first half
"We talked about that before the game. We knew it was going to a game of runs and it was going to come down to who was the tougher team and who could sustain the runs better. We maintained our composure, we locked down on defense and we started taking better shots. That's really what helped us come back from that 13-0 run."


Head Coach Van Chancellor

Opening statement
"Let's give Tulane credit. They did a great job of winning. They drove the ball to the basket, went to the free throw line, did a great job with about six minutes to go of getting every loose ball rebound there was. Right now I'm really struggling with my team. You get all these TV timeouts and time out after time out after time out. I'm just really struggling going from the timeout to the floor. I really am, more than any team I've coached in a long time. We called three plays that they've been running to the right side all year and they run to the left side. The last two games we lost right here at home. At the end I told a player, defensively whatever you can do, do this right here, and she did the opposite. They made the winning shot and then got two free throws. I can see what's going on but I can't seem to really get down and correct it. That's just being honest about it. I'm not blaming [the team]. I didn't coach very well tonight."

On if the team is playing with confidence
"I have no idea. I couldn't answer that one. I have a junior team. You can't turn the ball over 18 times. We have been a great press-breaking team. I told them five times where to go to beat their press. It's simple things. [Tulane] did a great job in the second half. They came out and hit some three balls in the first but then we adjusted our defense. I'll take the blame for that. That was my fault. We should have been on them. That was poor coaching."

Reserve Guard Jeanne Kenney

On being without LaSondra Barrett
"She is a scoring threat and her defense is not bad. Without having a scoring threat, other people had to step up. We also missed her encouraging attitude and her ability to get us fired up."

On Tulane's performance
"Tulane is a very good team and they are very athletic. They definitely outplayed us in the second half. We talked about coming out early as the first five minutes is crucial, but they wanted the ball more in the second half and it showed."

On the last minute of the game
"I definitely should have made that layup. I did not realize that I was wide open. I should have come down and then gone up with it. as far as the free throws, we want to take the ball to the goal. With seven seconds, if we didn't have a shot, then the goal is to attack. No one person loses the game. Those free throws that she missed did not lose us the game. We missed other free throws and easy shots and layups. We win together and we lose together."

Guard Adrienne Webb

On the effects of her injured eye
"I wasn't really worried about it. I knew that if I were to get hit again, I would just have to get it stitched up again and then keep playing. I came out here to play for my team, and whatever happens to me, happens. I just had to keep playing because I am not here for myself, I am here for my team."

On the team's performance
"Tonight was just a tough break. Some shots that we normally make were not falling. We had some breakdowns, but Tulane is a very good team."