Quotes Following Tulane's 74-69 Thanksgiving Tournament Win Over Bradley



Nov. 23, 2012

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Head Coach Lisa Stockton

Overall thoughts on the win
"This was a really good team tonight because if you made mistakes, they would hit a shot or they would get a shot. They weren't very forgiving. They set a lot of screens and they take advantage when you switch. They're tough to play and this is going to make us better. I was glad to see us fight back. At the end, defensively, we had a lot of young players in there and it was good to see that those players can hold a lead."

On Olivia Grayson's scoring barrage down the stretch
"That's always the person we go to at the end and that's why she was in that position. She's played a lot of minutes, sat at that free throw line a lot and has made those shots at the end. She's definitely the one who we want to have the ball in her hands and she did a tremendous job. The one thing I think Olivia gets underrated in is her defense. She really does a great job of defending and not getting beat."

On the return of Whitney Bibbins and her performance against Bradley
"The one thing I reminder her about today is that she plays against a lot of great players every day in practice. I knew she was ready today. We have a team with a lot of depth and they really prepared for this. It was good to see her go out there and play with confidence. As I've said, she's a special player and she gives us an added dimension that's really important for us."

On if she felt playing at 6,000-feet elevation affected her team
"I could definitely see it because players who don't normally look tired a lot looked tired today and I do think that has a lot to do with your shooting. There was a point there where we were getting good shots and just not making them. What we tried to do was just get better shots. We needed to get in the paint, get more aggressive and that's what we did in the second half."



On the short turnaround to prepare for tomorrow's game against Western Michigan
"I think my staff does a great job and they're already scouted. Doshia Woods has that team so she's ready. We'll go back, have dinner and do scout tonight. The film is done and she'll make some changes based on what she saw today. It's nice to have a staff that you know no matter who has the scout that our team is going to be prepared."

On what she would like her team to improve on
"I really want to see out defense a little tougher. I thought we got some toughness off the bench. Tierra (Jones) came in and gave us some momentum by taking those two charges. The bench went crazy and that was good. We just have to be a little more fundamentally sound defensively. Offensively, we can find some people who are hot but defensively, we have to make some better decisions.

Redshirt-Sophomore Forward Whitney Bibbins

On her return to the court since the final game of the 2010-11 season
"It felt good to be back. I was a little nervous at first but my team really helped me out. They motivated me and really encouraged me. It started out kind of rough, but I loosened up a little bit and it went well."

On her play against Bradley
"It was exciting. It was really just fun. It was fun to be back and everyone was just pushing and working really hard. It all kind of fell into place...I felt comfortable. I knew that I had missed a year but I felt as if I really didn't miss much in a sense."