Quotes Following Tulane's 65-62 Overtime Win Over No. 22 LSU



Nov. 19, 2011

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Head Coach Lisa Stockton

On the game-winning possession
"Alan Frey drew that up. We really felt that they would have so much pressure on Olivia that we wanted to use her in the screen. They stayed with her and didn't go with Danielle. I'm giving him all the credit. I thought it was great execution. Danielle ran right to the basket and executed it. When you look at it, and we had three freshmen on the floor a lot of the game, but at the end a freshman threw it to a freshman for the winning basket. It was a great job by our whole team."

Overall thoughts on the win
"I think what you saw tonight was a group of people who didn't care what their role was, they just wanted to win this game. I thought we were really focused. Defensively, we did some very good things for such a young team. We out-rebounded a much, much bigger team and a lot of that is just effort and will. I couldn't be happier for a group of people that just came together and got it done."

On the second-half effort of Olivia Grayson
"I can't say enough about her. She had those two fouls early and I we just weren't sure if we could keep her out the whole half. The team really did a great job of staying in it and keeping the lead for most of (the half). Then she came back in the second half and had 21 points. That's what you need from someone of her caliber and she produced."

On Tulane going 10-of-20 from beyond the 3-point arc
"They like to play zone and they've played zone all year. That was the first time we've seen them play man, and our shooting got them out of it. I think our shooting kind of dictated their defense a little bit. Having those outside shots go in really spread that defense out and gave us so many opportunities. Danielle Blagg didn't miss a shot for a long part of the game and was 3-for-3 for the half from the three. That's a great night for anybody, especially a freshman."

On Tulane out-rebounding LSU, 39-34
"I thought we did a good job of rebounding by positioning. They were running in from the outside trying to get rebounds, and I thought we had good position. I thought Brett's position inside - she didn't have a lot of points, but I though her presesnce in the paint really gave them trouble in that they couldn't go in there and have their way on the boards. A team like that, you can't get outrebounded by them because they're just too athletic and they're going to make their shots inside."

On Danielle Blagg playing 40 minutes tonight
"When Turtle was out, it really made it to where we had a difficult time taking her out because she's such a good outside shooter. She's in terrific shape. She came in in great shape and I think that's the reason she can play like that. She just plays hard and aggressive. She was frustrated and mad at herself for not making some free throws, and so she came back and obviously had the winning bucket. That's a good way to respond."

On Tulane's shooting performance against the Lady Tigers
"Going into the game, I thought we could defend okay tonight. I just wasn't sure how well we'd shoot. We haven't shot well in the first two games, but I think this says a lot about the focus of the kids. I've always like the term `Gamers'. There are some people that the better the opponent, the more gamers they are. I'm learning about this team every day and I learned a lot today. We did a tremendous job of playing a 45 minute game focused and under control because I think there were times where we could have gotten a little intimidated."

On Olivia Grayson being a vocal leader this season
"Without her on the floor, Tyria Snow had to do that role and Brett Benzio really had to take that role. Most of the time, Grayson's going to be out there and the only reason that she wasn't today was because of the fouls. It was nice to see someone else take that up when she was out. At the end of the game, she's the one I'm really communicating with to make sure everybody knows what they're doing. That's definitely changed since last year. She's really taking that role on."

Looking ahead to Monday's opponent, the University of New Orleans
"For us, I'm a firm believer in that you have to enjoy these moments. I think some coaches say you can't get too high. I don't believe that's possible. I think they really should enjoy this moment tonight and then tomorrow we'll refocus and go to the next one. This should be a confidence boost for us. Going in on Monday, it should be a situation where we know we don't want to let down because we know we're getting ready to play another Top 25 team. I think maybe having that out there will help us stay focused because Purdue is as good or a better team than the one we just played."

On the crowd energizing her team tonight
"It was great. Driving to the game tonight, I felt so good that we were going to have this great energy in this gym. This is such a great gym for that. We even had our plays numbered because we knew we wouldn't be able to hear. It was so great. When they were down on the free throw line and they had a chance to win it, our fans were a part of that - yelling and screaming. Who knows what made her miss, but that certainly helped. If you have a quiet gym, it's a lot easier to make that free throw."

On Tulane being able to handle LSU's deep rotation
"We've got Tiffany Dale out. We've got Whitney Bibbins out. Janique Kautsky went down and couldn't go back in. Ty go hit in the head. We had a lot going in and out and we couldn't really match their numbers. It's a 45 minute game and again, you can rest tomorrow. I can't say how proud I am of this group. We've beaten LSU before, but this is probably the most significant just because of our personnel."

Junior Guard Olivia Grayson

On picking up two quick fouls to start the game
"I was so frustrated. The first thing my coach told me before going into the game was `Don't get into foul trouble,' and I picked up two fouls in the first two minutes of the game. I was really proud of my team in the first half. They stayed in it and I was the biggest cheerleader on the sideline, doing whatever I could do to keep us in the game from the bench."

On which win over LSU was bigger, last year or this year
"It's definitely more special winning at home because your home crowd gets to see you beat a Top 20 team. There are just a lot of emotions going into this game. They are known as the best team in Louisiana all the time, and it's a big deal for us to beat them."

On if the team had to change its offense after her picking up two fouls early
"It really didn't change. We went into the game wanting everyone to contribute. It's not focused around me at all. Whoever scores and whoever contributes that night, that's what it is. We're an unselfish team."

On her post-halftime production
"I was just in a rhythm and my teammates were in my ear saying that they needed me. They needed the spark and I was ready to step up because I didn't get a chance to in the first half."

Freshman Forward Danielle Blagg

On the game-winning shot
"She drew up an excellent play. I don't know how Coach Stockton does that. We drew up a play that if it was open I was supposed to take it. It was open, so I took it."

On her performance against LSU
"I came out in this game with a focus like I've never had. I knew that I had to do my part. Everyone did their part and if I just knew if I did my part, then we could pull out with a win."

On being able to answer LSU's runs throughout the game
"Before the game, we felt our key to win was to keep calm when they went on runs. That's exactly what we did. We followed our game plan. By doing that, we could let them make a run and then we'd make our run right back at them."

On Tulane's plan of attack against the Lady Tigers
"We knew they played a zone, so it was like "Alright, you've got to make your open outside shots, and if those go in you're going to win. There was a lot of pressure. They're the No. 20 team in the nation. The biggest thing to me is that we're a young team. We have seven freshmen and there wasn't as much pressure as I heard there was for last year. So we just went at it calm and ready to go. We definitely were the underdogs."


Head Coach Nikki Caldwell

Overall thoughts on the game
"Give Tulane a lot of credit. They made plays when they needed to. This is a game we will definitely learn from and we will be better from it. We had some miscommunication at the end of the game, but games like this shouldn't come down to one play. We can't allow a team to out-rebound us on the road. We missed a lot of closeouts and missed a lot of our rotations (defensively)."

On Olivia Grayson's second-half effort against LSU
"Grayson made some big baskets and had an unbelievable second half," said Caldwell. "When you face players that are feeling good about their offensive game, defensively, we have to be able to accept that challenge of shutting them down. We didn't tonight."