Quotes Following Tulane's 80-52 Win Over Southeastern Louisiana



Nov. 19, 2013

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Head Coach Lisa Stockton

Overall thoughts on the game
"First of all, I thought we ran the ball pretty well. I thought we got some easy baskets in transition. That was one of our keys tonight. When you look at 80 points, a lot of that didn't just come on half-court offenses. We ran and got some quick points there. It was really good to see Tiffany Dale feel confident. I think she's a big part of our offense. She finished 8-for-10, and that's a great night. That takes a lot of pressure off of our offense when she can do that. There were a lot of positives. We were shooting 44 percent and getting 23 offensive rebounds. We're getting a big percentage of our misses and there's not a whole lot of misses. It was a good night on the offensive end. Defensively, I feel that we still had some breakdowns at times but we're still holding our opponents pretty low and have been able to put some points on the board."

On is she is surprised by the Green Wave's margin of victories over the first three games
"The teams coming in are really solid teams. I am surprised that we're winning by as much as we are, especially with as small as our bench is now. We've got some players with a few injuries and we're trying to rotate them in and out. Obviously, we're waiting for Danielle Blagg to return, which should be very soon. Foul trouble can really be tough for us. We've been able to stay out of foul trouble. We've been able to switch our defenses up a little bit to do that. I think that's probably been the best sign over the first three games with the way officials are calling now. We've been able to avoid that. We worked a long time as coaches to try and work on the fundamentals, and our players are doing a good job with that. I think we're playing aggressively. We're not putting a lot of teams on the free throw line. And also, just having so many rebounds has kept us in the game."



On being 3-0 with an average margin of victory of 29.3 points despite being without Danielle Blagg due to injury
"Sometimes, good things come out of negative things. The freshmen getting the minutes their getting and doing something with it. You look at Leslie tonight. She's shooting the ball really well. What has surprised me in these first three games is you see some gaudy numbers. Adesuwa had six assists, no turnovers, 11 rebounds and 15 points. That's amazing. Tiffany Dale was 8-for-10 from the floor. Chinwe was 5-of-7, and again Leslie was 4-for-7 from the 3. Those are great numbers, and you certainly can't leave out Jamie's nine assists. To have a point guard that has that many assists in a game, you know you've got a great team atmosphere and they're really sharing the ball."

On having six players finish with double-digit scoring totals
"I love the way some of our players are playing with confidence. Adesuwa has probably been the surprise player of the year so far just because she's played mostly the post and she's playing mostly guard now. She's shooting the ball as well as anybody in the conference, I would imagine, and she's rebounding as well as she did in the post and not turning it over. Sometimes when people change positions, they don't handle the ball very well. With no turnovers, I think she's doing a great job there."

On Tulane jumping out to a 13-0 lead early on
"It started with our rebounding. Defensively, we held them. We had some outlets and we had some great shots. Tiffany Dale was running down the court for some layups and we got great shots early in the game. That took so much pressure off of our offense. It really wasn't until the fourth, fifth or sixth play that we were having to set up an offense. That gave us a little momentum there. Again, defensively is still where we have to challenge ourselves to just stay with it and be hard-nosed that whole possession. Teams are getting down late in the shot clock and we're working at doing that, but they're getting good shots late."

On heading to her home state for two games over the weekend
"We knew this was our last game at home for a couple of games. We did play two away scrimmages, so we have been on the road. I think it's good. I think it's good to have your team in different environments, go up there and it's not our rims, it's not our fans and see how you handle that. Obviously, going to Wilmington is a place they've never been. I've been to Reynolds Coliseum in Raleigh a lot. It's a tough place to play. They've really got a great crowd. It's a great tradition of basketball at N.C. State and I would expect a pretty good crowd on Sunday. That's a big challenge. Now we turn and we play the ACC and have two SEC opponents in a row. The schedule really turns up and our players have to be ready to respond. We're not going to put up 80 points on those quality opponents. We've got to be ready to respond."

On if she feels her team can succeed on the road this weekend
"I think they're excited. One thing about confidence is that it really does give you some momentum. I think the team is feeling confident. The freshmen coming into the year really didn't know what this was all about, and I think they've come in, done such a good job and that they feel confident. They're excited. The thing that was most outstanding in watching film, and I've never said this before, is our bench. I think our bench is tremendous. They're yelling and screaming, and they're in it for 40 minutes even when we're up by a good amount. I think that really shows you what kind of teamwork we have. It really is a fun team."

On Leslie Vorpahl hitting four 3-pointers in the second half
"I don't know that I've ever had a freshman that can shoot it like she can. That's not just games. In practice, she's shooting over 50 percent. She missed those (first) three shots and they were all good shots. I haven't coached her long, but she's the kind of player I know that I want her to shoot another one because she's so accurate. You can see her confidence in the second half when she hit a couple of them. They were tough shots. They had people guarding her and she was able to get those off. It's good to see that kind of savvy and that kind of confidence from a player that is three games into their career."

Junior Forward Tiffany Dale

On scoring a season-high 16 points
"I think a big part of this game was getting out in transition. A big thing for me is I like to get out and run, so that definitely helped me on the offensive end. As long as I do what I do on the defensive end, the offense will come."

On if this game gives the team confidence for a tough upcoming road trip
"This game definitely got me confidence for the next two games and hopefully we can go out and get two wins."

On Tulane out-rebounding Southeastern Louisiana, 51-31
"We did have some positives on the offensive end. Defensively, they had a big post presence. But as long as we make up for it on the offensive boards, that's definitely a positive. I'm always motivated to get the offensive rebound. When a shot goes up and you miss the first one, you always want to get second-chance points."

Junior Wing Adesuwa Ebomwonyi

On how the team has progressed during the first three games of the season
"I think we're taking each game one at a time and we're working on things that we need to improve on. I feel that we're better now than how we started off the first game."

On her season to date
"This season I knew I had to step up because we lost four seniors who were a big part of this program. I had to take a leadership role, needed to be there for my team and do what I need to do on the court."

Junior Point Guard Jamie Kaplan

On winning the third-straight game in convincing fashion
"We've had three games and we've won by at least 25 points in all three of them. Our freshmen have played a lot, which is great, so they're getting experience as we get ready to go on the road. I think we're getting prepared. I know we have to big games ahead of us, so winning like this is great."

On getting Coach Stockton's 399th win at Tulane tonight
"We want to get it for her 401 by the time we get back on Sunday. That's definitely motivation. Hopefully we get it done for her on Friday."

On her performance over the first three games
"I'm just trying to do anything the team asks of me. The team has played really well. Anything that I can do is great. I'm really proud of the way we're all playing right now."

On the team setting the tone with a 13-0 run to start the contest
"It was important. If we can get the game started early - we always talk about that - it gives us momentum for the rest of the game. We got out early in transition. I don't know how many points we scored off of transition, but I know it was a huge part of our offense and it helped us get everything else going. The beginning of the game was really, really good for us."