Coach Stockton's Quotes Following Tulane's 65-45 Win At Southern



Nov. 16, 2012

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On Tulane's slow start offensively
"They came out in a zone and that was very unlike them so it took us a while to adjust to that. We made those adjustments and probably took some better shots. That got our confidence going. We also got some fast-break layups to get our scoring going. I thought Janique did a very good job of breaking up that dry spell. Then our defense really picked up and we created some turnovers."

On the performance of Tiffany Dale
"You want to talk about someone who has really matured as a player. She's out there defensively and offensively getting those key rebounds and was shooting at such a great percentage. She was 5-for- 7and they weren't necessarily all post ups. They were driving, put-backs and all that. I also thought Adesuwa came in and gave us some great minutes. Those two shots she made were really needed and we got some really good production from our bench today."

On the production off the Green Wave bench
"I think we're one of those teams that our bench can beat a lot of benches. We've got a lot of different players that can come in. What can be special about this team is you have somebody like Jamie Kaplan. I thought she had a good game today and so did Adesuwa. Those players came in and really gave us some energy."

On the defensive effort against Southern's Adrian Sanders
"The one thing you have in that starting line-up is you have an Olivia Grayson, who played some minutes against Sanders and then we switched Janique on her. That's two very strong presences on a player like that and you can frustrate them. The nice thing is we were able to press, get the ball out of her hands and force other people to make plays."

On not letting Southern back in the game late
"One thing that has to be important on this team is we have to get some offense from our defense. When they made that run and we started pressing a little bit, they either took quick shots or we got some steals and we were able to get some points...This year, we have to get offensive rebounds, steals and those kinds of things. This was our best defensive performance so far. We didn't make a lot of bad mistakes or commit a lot of bad fouls. In each of the three games, we've gradually gotten better and for us, this is something we have to see as a positive."



On Tulane's turnovers
"Well, we had four at the end. We had four in those last four minutes. We were trying to hit some back doors and things like that and we were trying to let some younger players play together. I thought the turnovers didn't hurt us as bad. I think they were in times when we were on runs and it was in times that didn't hurt us as badly. We're coming together."

On next week's NAU Thanksgiving Tournament
"We certainly want to go out there and win the tournament. I don't know too much about the teams. I know Bradley just beat Illinois at Illinois, so that's going to be a tough one. We've got to be ready to play against a different style. We're going to see teams from the Midwest and the West and a style that we're not used to so we'll have to adjust. But that'll be good for us."