Quotes Following Tulane's Season-Opening 74-49 Win Over Loyola



Nov. 11, 2011

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Tulane Head Coach Lisa Stockton

Opening statement
"I think we're talented. Losing as much as we lost, we've got some ways to fill those holes. Right now, it's just us being a little more disciplined and taking better shots. I thought we did some good things, but our shot selection was probably the worst thing we did tonight. We've got to do a better job with that."

On Tulane's defensive effort
"We went pretty deep tonight in our rotations, but we've still got to do a better job of when we sub to lock down on defense. When we subbed, sometimes we got disoriented a little bit. That happens with time. We really played better defense in the scrimmages. Maybe that was because we backed off of them a little bit because they were really, really quick. I thought Loyola did a great job. They executed their offenses really well. When we made a mistake, they hit open shots. In the first half, they really didn't get a lot of open shots. In the second half, they did."

On Olivia Grayson's performance
"Turtle played very well last year, but I think she's elevated her game to a new level. The big thing with her is to make sure she doesn't try to do too much. I thought some of her shots could have been better. I put a lot of pressure on her to be almost perfect. She can hit open shots. When they went on runs, she came and answered twice."

On getting to the free throw line just 12 times against Loyola
"We've got to be more aggressive on offense to where we get to the free throw line more. I think it's difficult to try and make the baskets and score that. We need at least 20-25 free throws a game."

On the impact of the freshman class
"I think we're athletic. Our freshmen are really athletic. You look at Katye Magee. She took four really good shots and I thought all four of them were going to go in and she hit two. Jamie Kaplan kept up our intensity. And I think Danielle Blagg is a much better all-around player than she looked tonight. I thought she looked really nervous. They were all nervous. I do think a player like Danielle Blagg has such and upside. She's athletic, she can shoot and she can defend. When we kind of get her focused on what she needs to do, I think she's going to be a very difficult player to stop. That's going to be a great compliment to Turtle and she won't have to score so much."



On the team's overall level of fitness
"I felt like our anxiety level made us play tired tonight, but I do think we're in pretty good shape. The one thing we talked about is when we sub, we've got to get energy from that bench and not stay the same. We've got enough players to compliment that. When you talk about our conditioning, that will really help."

On the fitness level of Brett Benzio
"I think Brett is in great shape and the one thing with her is she just needs to want to dominate. I think she can. She's got to have that attitude that she wants to dominate, especially with smaller opponents. Brett is such a team player but some of the time, she needs to be a little more selfish."

On if she feels first-game jitters played a part in the game
"I thought our shot selection tonight was worse tonight than in the two scrimmages we had. That was against bigger opponents who were faster. I think it was more nerves and not being able to see. The more nervous you are, the less you see. I think our timing was off a little bit today."

On the atmosphere in Fogelman Arena tonight
"It was a good crowd and it's a great way to start. I do think that Loyola is going to have a good season. I think they're going to do really well. It was a great environment and I think it'll help both of our programs to start here and kind of generate this kind of excitement for both of our programs."

Junior Guard Olivia Grayson

On whether tonight was fun
"The first game of the season is always fun."

On playing with so many new teammates after last year's experienced ones
"It's exciting because you don't know what to expect. Last year, we pretty much knew what everybody could do but this year, it's just new. We have good chemistry off the court and that carries onto the court."

On having to be more vocal this season
"That's part of us being so young. Coach told me I was going to have to step up and be more vocal and that's something I worked on this summer - just focusing on leadership and being more vocal. I knew that's what we were going to need for this team to succeed. I'm just trying to be whatever we need to get to that next level."

Freshman Forward Tiffany Dale

On her first college game
"It's a very big adjustment. I went from playing (against people) where I was the best to playing with people who were just as good. I was very nervous but with my teammates behind me, it was a very good experience for my first college game."

On Olivia Grayson's effect on the younger players
"She's a very big motivator. She keeps up confident so we really are lucky to have her."