Quotes Following Tulane's 66-59 Season-Opening Win Over Louisiana Tech



Nov. 9, 2012

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Head Coach Lisa Stockton

On the atmosphere in the new Devlin Fieldhouse
"First of all, I loved the student section. I thought that was a great show of support and that was the first thing I noticed, honestly. It was just a great atmosphere tonight. It was very loud and it was almost hard to coach in here tonight. We had great fan support, and in some ways it was good that it came down to the end because the fans got a good game to watch. As a coach, I would have loved to see us hold that 12-point lead."

On what Louisiana Tech did to cut into the deficit in the second half
"They did a great job of being more aggressive in the second half. They drove to the basket, got to the foul line and got some offensive rebounds. They were just more aggressive than us in the second half to close that margin."

On what Tulane did early on to jump out to the big lead
"We were holding them and the only way they were scoring in the first half was off of fouls. I don't think they scored from the eight-minute mark until the two-minute mark and we just kept putting them on the free-throw line. We extended (the lead) when we didn't foul. .We extended it, held them on `D' and came down on offense and got a good shot. We did get some shots on the fast break, which was good and I want to see a lot more of that from us. It was one of those nights that I felt we had to get the nerves out of us. We did some really good things tonight, but as coaches we feel there are a lot of things that we should do better."

On what Tulane needs to do better
"We just have to be able to clamp down on defense when we need it. Defense has been our mainstay here, and in in that second half they just got too many good shots to close that lead. We turned the ball over in the last 10 minutes and it really wasn't forced - travels, charges and things like that. Those are things that we can control, and both of those things I think we can change quickly."



On Tulane getting point production from several players
"I think you're going to see that with this team. Different people are going to come in. Obviously, we know Danielle Blagg can score. Janique had a really good night tonight, as did Olivia Grayson. I think we can get even more from our post. It's going to be a very well-balanced team and this might be a team where not a lot of players are in double figures."

On how important it is to open the year with a win
"It's important. When you go out, I think there's a lot of pressure in many ways coming out here for the first game in this arena...and I think they were nervous. Hopefully, we got this behind us and we can go forward."

On playing the next four games on the road before returning home to take on Auburn on Nov. 28
"I think we've got to be better coming back. We've got to use these four games to really get better and we really need to know how to use this rotation and get the most out of it. That's crucial, and sometimes going on the road makes it easier to do that. There are less distractions when you're on the road. Auburn is going to be a good team to play. They're a match-up zone team and we're going to have to be significantly better."

Senior Guard Tyria Snow

Overall thoughts on the game
"It was exciting to be in Devlin Fieldhouse and it was a good way to start the season. It was a whole bunch of emotions to go through. We got some easy penetrations. They were coming off the screens and I was able to get to the goal with jump shots or whatever. We just stuck with that until they showed they could stop it."

On if the team got nervous as Louisiana Tech mounted its comeback
"We weren't nervous at all. Coach just told us to keep getting stops. We kind of kicked ourselves in the end with back-to-back turnovers. We weren't getting shots at the basket, and that's something we have to clean up."

On how different Louisiana Tech was from a year ago
"I honestly don't think they were too different. They come out, they're going to slash and they're going to shoot. I think it's the same line-up just with different faces and names in the same positions."

On if she was extra motivated to play against Louisiana Tech
"You always want to play well against a team you grew up watching and you grew up idolizing. I grew up watching Tech when Witherspoon was there. When (Grayson) went out, and she's obviously a big part of our offense, we knew had somebody who can come in and take her place. We didn't panic at all, and I just thought it was a good opportunity for me to help carry my team. They weren't stopping my shot and it kept falling. The coaches were telling me to keep shooting and keep going hard off of screens, so that's what I was trying to do."

On how important it was to win the season opener
"It was very important. The momentum that you build during a season is very important. We have to clean up a few things, but we're pretty happy with this first home victory."

Senior Guard/Forward Janique Kautsky

On going to the free throw line late with the game hanging in the balance
"Oh my gosh, my heart was pumping. I haven't been in that situation during my first three years, so to come out in this first game and go to the line like that was an amazing feeling and I wouldn't have it any other way. I just know I had to go out there and get that rebound for the team. If it wasn't me, then someone else would have had to go and get it. I was just happy I made that play."

On Louisiana Tech coming back
"I think we came out after halftime and let off a bit. We've had a tendency to do that over the years. But once we got the nerves out the way and we figured out what we were doing right from the first half, we got back to that. We ran the ball and got some stops. It's easy to get away from that once you get up by so much. We just need to keep our cool and know what we do best."

On the performance of Tyria Snow
"Ty absolutely killed it and I'm so proud of her. I think she really took charge. Turtle was out early with some fouls and (Snow) just attacked and took charge. It's her senior season. She really kept us in the game and she kept everyone really pumped up."

On getting a win in the season opener
"I'm glad the games over to get it off our back. To open up the new Fieldhouse was an amazing feeling. Louisiana Tech is been an in-state rivalry for us, so I think this was a good one to get under our belt. We have a couple of away games the next few weeks so it was a point to get this one from the start. Hopefully, we can keep it going all the way through conference."

On what she takes from this game
"We still have a lot to work on. The first weekend is always hard. The other team had some new people, we had new people, and you never know how they're going to gel together. We realize that we're not perfect and we really saw some things that we need to work on for our next few games. I think it's good they came out tonight so we can work on them. Altogether, we played great and everyone stuck together."