Coach Stockton's Quotes Following Tulane's 60-48 WNIT Win At Arkansas



March 24, 2013

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Overall thoughts on the game
"I thought we played really tough. The foul trouble was significant in the second half and we only had five field goals, but we just had to keep battling. When you have all of these people in foul trouble, we had some other people really step up. I thought Jamie Kaplan had one of her best all-around games. Chinwe (Duru) had one of her best games. We just played tough. I'm proud of the way the group came out, played loose, and - like I told them at halftime - looked like they were having a lot of fun."

On advancing to the third round in postseason play
"I told the team today that whatever it meant to them, this is a chance to make history. We've had a lot of things that have been great in our program - conference championships and things like that - but we've never gotten over this obstacle. We've always been on the road in whatever tournament we've been in, so we had to win on the road against an SEC opponent. It's challenging, but they stepped up. I think they took on that challenge, really absorbed it and wanted to do it."

On the unselfish play of her team today
"We're a very unselfish team. I think probably the greatest trademark of this team is that we're very competitive, we play hard and we are unselfish. Sometimes we don't do a lot of other things well, but those are things that you can really key on. I've felt that our seniors have been great leaders through this, but our underclassmen had sort of looked ahead as to what role they're going to play. I think you saw a little bit of that today and also against Sam Houston."

On the way her team communicated throughout the game
"In this environment, it's really tough to communicate on the court. We really thought going into this that everyone communicated well, and they really did. We had the guards calling their own offenses. They were doing a lot of things on their own and I felt that that's when they're good - when they have the confidence to do that. It was just great execution. The first half was about as good of a half as we've had all year."

On playing Auburn again, this time in the postseason
"We told the team just now that we're playing Auburn and they were very excited about it. That was one of those games that - as my mother would say - `got stuck in our craw' and we really were frustrated with how we lost that one. Auburn is a very good team. They're very athletics and we're going to have to do some special things. It does make you have a little bit of confidence and a little bit of a revenge factor going into it."