Coach Stockton's Quotes Following Tulane's 69-55 WNIT Loss At Texas Tech



March 18, 2012

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Overall thoughts on the game
"This game started with a lot of hard knocks and losing Tiffany Dale really hurt us there. She could have gone back in, but I didn't think it was the right thing. When Brett Benzio got two quick fouls, we just lost all of our size. I thought we really fought. We kept the game to a three-, four-, or five-point game all the way up until the last five minutes. We just ran out of steam. I'm so proud of this team and I told them so. I said, `I don't know if I ever coached a team that achieved - and I don't know if that's a good word - as much as this group which probably should have. They've got something special. When you look at the competitiveness of a Danielle Blagg and a Jamie Kaplan and the younger kids like that, they're winners. I think our future is really, really bright."

On Tulane hitting just 31.7 percent of her field goals against Texas Tech
"We probably took some shots that we didn't need and we weren't able to get into our transition offense. When we got that going we scored on that, but we had a lot of open looks and just couldn't knock them down. You don't really know why that is, but we still stayed in there. Our defense was scrappy, we ran a lot of different things, and we held our own on the boards until the end. I think in the last eight minutes, they really dominated us on the boards. It was a good performance. I'm glad we had this opportunity to play and I'm glad we played here. I told them that when we look at teams in the Big XII, that's what we want to be like. We want to be that competitive, we want to play at a high level, and I think we could today. Things just didn't go our way."

On all the returning players Tulane will have back for next season
"I'm excited to see the potential we have in this group. We have three great young ladies coming in and Whitney Bibbins is already here. We kind of kept it simple at times this year, but defensively we did great things. What we can do with our defense and what we can do with our offense is limitless. I told them that they're going to have a little time off, but we're going to really get to work. I told Brett that we're going to make her proud. She's going to see these young kids grow up and hopefully this is going to be a program that she's really going to be proud of the next few years."



On the performance of freshman forward Adesuwa Ebomwonyi
"She was great. I think Adesuwa is one of those players that has played a little inconsistently at times. If we can get her energy level up all the time, she's a tough kid to match-up against. She's got such great instincts. She moves well around the basket. She scored over those bigger players. She's a good rebounder. She is one of that group of four or five players who are going to be key for us. Katye Magee is coming off that knee injury and I see her getting more agile. It's exciting."