Coach Stockton's Comments Following Tulane's 69-55 Loss To FIU



March 13, 2014

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Overall thoughts on the game
"Florida International did so many great things and I really commend them. People talk about Coley a lot and she's a fantastic player, but I think what's really changed in this tournament is their supporting cast. They've done a great job of defending, rebounding and basically taking the shots they need to take. When you have games like theirs in this tournament where they shoot 50 percent, you have to admire that. It's not all Coley and that's a tribute to them. For us, you just can't shoot 32 percent and get out-rebounded by 13. That's, ultimately, the game. You can look at any of the particular scorers, but it comes down to that. In championship play, it's tough to win that way."

On not being able to convert on offense down the stretch
"Danielle Blagg was really sick last night. She got an IV today and I thanked her in the locker room for giving the effort today because she did a great job on Coley the last time we played. Leslie had some great looks and the ball was in and out. We had three layups that just rimmed out. If any of those things go our way, it's a different game but it just didn't. We just couldn't score and that's tough to come back from."

On how difficult it is to defend FIU guard Jerica Coley
"It's tremendously hard to guard her. During the season, we felt that FIU is a team that you have to score against. One person shouldn't out-score the whole team so you've got to score against them. We did a good job at our place of doing that. Here, she ended up with 34 points. We struggled in all areas defending her, but also in defending the other players. At times, we had two on her and they had other players hit some shots. That's been a key for them in this tournament."

On FIU's ability to break the press
"We're not really a pressing team, but we got a lot of momentum from our press. We got some steals and got the lead down to four with that. The teams that do well in tournaments are the ones that can defend at the end of the year, and that's something we haven't done particularly well. You look at Middle Tennessee, they have great defensive players. They're a defensive team and they win it. Florida International has played great defense here and that is why they're moving on."