Quotes Following Tulane's 64-52 Loss To Middle Tennessee



March 5, 2014

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Tulane Head Coach Lisa Stockton

Overall thoughts on the game
"I thought the team was excited for the game. It was a great opportunity for us and we certainly knew that a double-bye was at stake. We felt that this was a team that if we want to win the conference tournament, we are going to have to go through again. It was a big game for our seniors and that game is always emotional type of game. The stats that made the difference were their free throws and their rebounding. Those two were clearly different. We get seven free throws for the game and they got 21. That is a pretty big disparity to overcome."

On the big test tonight and the impact of this game going into the tournament
"Our schedule has been pretty incredible the past two weeks. This game was good for us. Like I said, we are going to have to see them again if we are going to try and win it. Our players feel like they can play with them. There are some things we would certainly like to change, but it was good to not see our team back down at all. We made a few critical mistakes and just couldn't recover."

On the significance of the double-bye
"I certainly think it is an advantage but whatever we needed to do, we were ready. It is nice to be able to watch the tournament and our opponents. We are going to be able to watch ECU live, and that is always good. It is good to take a little pressure off of us these first two rounds. By the time we play there are a lot of teams that have already gone home. This is a great opportunity and this is a great conference. We finished in the top four. Anything can happen. We just need to put three good games together and I think this team has the potential to put those games together."

On being the last go round as a member of Conference USA
"For me, who has been a part of this league for so long, this is kind of bittersweet. I am really excited about what is to come and am really excited for our future. I have certainly loved my time here. The thing I would really like to do is ask my team for one more gift. That is another time to get to cut the nets down in Conference USA. I think that would one of the highlights of my career, leaving the conference as champions. That would really be something really special."



Tulane Point Guard Jamie Kaplan

On tallying 10-plus assists for the sixth time this season
"I thought everyone did a really good job of using screens and executing the offense for the most part. There were a few breakdowns, but for the most past it was good. Danielle got open a lot, which makes my life really easy. I thought Tiffany did a great job inside as well. When you have players like that around you, getting assists isn't that hard."

On if Coach Stockton told the team about the Old Dominion/East Carolina score during the game
"Yeah, she told us with about six minutes left. It was definitely a motivator. I just wish the game had been a little bit closer when we found out. We are in a good spot right now, though, and are ready to go into the tournament and win three games."

Tulane Junior Guard Danielle Blagg

On her offensive production against Middle Tennessee
"It was one of those games. We were motivated from the beginning playing against the number 22 team in the nation and one of the best teams in the league. We have been practicing really hard all week and it was one of those games. We came in mentally prepared and focused. We all just really wanted it and despite the loss, I think we played really hard"

On if today's loss is eased at all by news of clinching the No. 4 seed
"A loss is never easy to take. I think we finished out well, not that it was our goal. Our goal was to win the league. Give a lot of credit to Middle Tennessee because they deserve to be there. We are a little disappointed, but we are okay with where we are at."

On getting the news on the double bye
"I think it is a big advantage with two byes. Getting to watch the teams and getting to scout them is a huge advantage. It is really exciting."

Middle Tennessee Head Coach Rick Insell

Overall thoughts on the game
"They have a good team, they're very well coached, they play together a lot, have great shooters and are very smart. We just needed to turn a little time and get percentage shots and that's what we did. We got it in Rowe's hands and let her decide what to do with the ball and she did. I felt like we shot the 3-ball very poorly the second half because we had a lot of good look but didn't knock them down. Its big win here at Tulane though let me tell you that. Not many people do that."

On the importance of this game despite having already locked up the C-USA regular-season title
"Anytime you can win a game on the road and win one like this [is good]. Tulane is a top 100 win...That is going to help our seeding. That's all going to help you get into that at-large bid in case something happens in the tournament. We have done enough now as far as our team is concerned. We won at Miami. We won at Clemson, South Florida, and South Dakota State. We have some good wins so I think the pressure is off of us as far as going into the tournament right now. This conference has absolutely worn us out, it is tough and every team in it is tough"

Middle Tennessee Forward Ebony Rowe

On her overall performance against Tulane
"We knew they were going to come with a lot of energy and we knew they were going to be motivated. They had a lot to play for with it being senior night and trying to get a good seed for the tournament. In the beginning, they came out with more energy than us. But we stayed tough and got back to our game play. I think that is why we pulled it out."

On C-USA competition, adding a trophy to the case at the end of the year
"We are really excited. We were really excited for the regular season, but that was just one of our goals this season. Our others goals are to win the conference tournament and then getting far in the NCAA Tournament."