Quotes Following Tulane's 80-69 Senior Day Win Over C-USA Foe Southern Miss



March 3, 2013

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Tulane Head Coach Lisa Stockton

Overall thoughts on the game
"I thought we had great energy from the whole team. I like our intensity. This was one of those things where I challenged my team not only to celebrate with the seniors but also for the underclassmen to feel like they had to get this one for the seniors. I thought they really stepped up."

On her team holding on after Southern Miss rallied to cut the deficit to a pair late in the game
"Southern Miss has some very explosive players and they can really get going. I thought we did a nice job of being patient on offense and still taking good shots. We wanted shots in transition, which we got. The more they pressured us, we were able to get some layups which really took the pressure off of our defense. They got hot for a while there and we responded pretty well."

On sending the seniors out with a win in their final regular-season home game
"I think winning Senior Day is probably the best win of the year. We had a great crowd today. I really appreciate everyone for showing up today. It's just a great group of young ladies and I'm glad they got to go out like this."

On winning four straight this late in the season
"I think it's confidence. You want your team being confident and different players playing different roles, which our team has done very well. This team is starting to feel very confident in each other."

On Tulane using its depth while Southern Miss had just two come off the bench on Sunday
"Having depth helps in a lot of ways. It's March and we've been going since October 1. That helps. People don't have to go out there and play 40 minutes. The other thing, obviously, is tournament play. When you play back-to-back, you hate for anyone to play 38 minutes and have to turn around (and play) the next day. If they have to, they have to but we get such quality from our bench that we won't have to do that."



On what she liked about the way Tulane played today
"In the last two games, I think we've played with a lot of emotion when somebody does something. Sometimes we over-pass because we're being unselfish. I think when somebody does something, we really cheer. Jamie (Kaplan) threw and alley-oop to Janique (Kautsky) and everybody erupted. They really care about each other and that's a great feeling going into the postseason."

On Tulane missing some free throws late to let Southern Miss hang around
"I don't know what happened there with those. I don't know if maybe it was the intensity of the moment or what. But again, when you talk about Olivia Grayson, I'd put her on that line pretty much any time."

Senior Guard Olivia Grayson

On the team getting a win on Senior Day
"It's real special. It just shows how much the team really appreciates you because they played awesome today. There was an extra umph in everybody's game today and it was just real special to go out this way."

On Southern Miss clawing back into the game late and Tulane pulling away
"We trust each other. We know that we can make plays down the stretch to pull out a win. It's really just the chemistry that we have on this team to know that we're going to be there for each other in the clutch."

On winning four straight games and how the team feels at this point of the season
"We feel really good. We feel that everything is coming together for us at the right time, right before the conference tournament. We're just enjoying this right now - how we're playing and how we're playing together. We feel good."

On Tulane using its depth while Southern Miss only played seven players
"I think we have the highest-scoring bench in our conference and that just shows how talented our team is. Anybody can start on any night, and as long as everybody keeps bringing what they bring we're really hard to beat."

On the crowd on hand getting behind the team on Senior Day
"It's special. You just realize that this is the last time you're playing in this gym. To have everybody out here cheering you on for the last time, it's just real special."

Sophomore Guard Danielle Blagg

On the crowd on hand to celebrate Senior Day
"It was great. We really couldn't have done it without our GA Tiffany Aidoo. She helps get all these people here and really organizes it well. It was just a great crowd."

On helping the seniors close out their career with a win in the final regular-season game in Devlin Fieldhouse
"I can't even tell you how much it means. We just really wanted to do it for the seniors. They're such a huge part of this team. To have such a good game - all of us, everyone - and to come out here and win the game just meant a lot."

On winning four straight and how the team is playing at this time
"It's a good thing, but it also puts the pressure on. We have these wins and they're pushing us, but there's always going to be that pressure to keep on winning."

On what the team was able to do to cut short Southern Miss' late rally
"I thought we really played like a team. There wasn't one person who didn't do anything. On one of the last plays, we had Jamie (Kaplan) throwing it up to Janique (Kautsky) for an alley-oop kind of thing. It was such a team effort. We kept our composure and we rebounded well."

On how important Tulane's depth was in today's game
"Our depth is huge. We have freshmen that are great coming off the bench and doing what they need to do - rebounding, Chinwe Duru making crazy shots in the post. We have great depth and I think that only benefits us."

On what she has learned from the senior class
"To never give up and keep fighting. You can be down by six against SMU with one or two minutes left in the game and you can come back and win by five. I think I learned to never give up and keep pushing. Leadership, for sure. All four of them are just great leaders."

Sophomore Forward Tiffany Dale

On her 22-point performance against Southern Miss
"I know I took my excitement for it being Senior Day out there to go out, play hard and play my game. I definitely came in with a game plan. I knew that I could run the floor and do what I do best, which is in transition."

On being able to send the seniors out with a win
"It's always great to do something for our seniors. Knowing that we could get them a win in their last home game was definitely always something good to do."

On what she has learned from the senior class
"I definitely learned never to give up and you never know when your last game comes so you can never take it for granted. You just have to leave it all on the court."

On what the team has to do down the stretch
"With these consecutive wins, we definitely have momentum going into the next game and the conference tournament. As long as we keep playing like we've been playing, we should be good."

On keeping Southern Miss at bay after the Golden Eagles cut the deficit down to a pair late in the second half
"We kept our composure and made sure we stayed patient. We didn't want to make any mistakes on the defensive end and we just made sure we stuck to what our coaches told us to do."