Quotes Following Tulane's 65-61 C-USA Win Over Tulsa



Feb. 26, 2014

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Tulane Head Coach Lisa Stockton

On pulling the game out in the end
"They are challenging to defend at times because they can shoot the 3 so well. If you get up there in defend them, they scored inside on us. We really had to be very disciplined with our defense and make sure the right people were shooting the ball instead of the people who were going to hurt us. I think we did a nice job of that. They got some offensive rebounds that kept them in the game for a while. I just told the team that our rebounds are what sealed it for us. Making them go one-and-done allowed us to go on offense with a little bit of a lead. It was a hard-fought game. When a team can shoot 3s like that, they are always in it.

On Tulane's strengths in the game
"First of all, in the first half Adesuwa [Ebomwonyi] and Tiffany [Dale] were in foul trouble so we tried to protect them a little bit. That probably affected our first half a little bit. We came out second half, went up 10 and were really trying to increase the lead. I think the positives for us were balanced scoring and rebounding. We out-rebounded them by about seven, which is important for us. With a team like that, that is getting a lot of confidence, they are kind of a dangerous team to play this late in the season."

On only allowing Tulsa to shoot five free throws
"That was a huge deal. Not putting them on the line and giving them free points was huge. We talked about how they were a good offensive team and we didn't want to give them those opportunities. They were 2-for-5 so obviously we put the right people on the line. Toward the end of the game, we were trying to foul because we had fouls to give, which is a nice thing. Overall, I think our team felt a lot of pressure. Being able to finish this after a disappointing loss at UAB, I am really happy for them."

On facing two of the top teams with the last two games of the season
"Well, we talked about it [as a team] and we want to play off the top and not off the bottom. We want to try to build up and get to the top. We have an opportunity to get up in the conference and those teams can get us there. Those are two teams that could be in the finals so being able to play them now prepares us for the conference tournament. I think if we win one of these next two, we have a chance for a double-bye. That has been one of our goals - to get in that position - but we need to play more consistently then we did tonight. We are looking forward to it."

On the upcoming game against Southern Miss
"We had 31 turnovers the last time we played them, and I keep on circling that. I hope we don't have to hit another 3 at the end of the game. I think Southern Miss and Middle Tennessee are two of the best teams in the conference. They both haven't lost in a long time. Southern Miss can score. They can put up 92 points of you so we have to be ready to play. That is a team that we are so familiar with and we look forward to playing them. We have gotten better offensively, and you really need to score against them. We have to be ready to put some points on the board on Saturday."

Tulane Guard Danielle Blagg

On what her 3-pointers meant to the game tonight
"I think they were important, but were not the only thing that necessarily kept us going. We had a lot of team effort, especially in the beginning of the second half. When we went up 10 points, it was a really great point for us in the game. We started there and kept fighting until the end."

Tulane Point Guard Jamie Kaplan

On closing things out when Tulsa kept fighting back
"We knew with three games left, everyone is fighting for positioning within the conference. We knew they were going to come out extremely aggressive and wanting to win, but so did we. Anytime they made a run, we just had to stay focused and execute our game plan. I thought we did a good job of that, especially in the second half."

Tulsa Head Coach Matilda Mossman

Overall thoughts on the game
"It all boiled down to them shooting 27 free throws and us shooting five. That is a pretty big discrepancy. They were attacking and we were not. The second part is their offensive rebounds at key times that they scored off of. We can have effort as far as blocking out and not letting people get offensive rebounds."

On her team's strengths tonight
"The two people who had double figures tonight don't normally start for us. I would just like to compliment Tulane on how well they played together. You have four juniors on that team that start and who have all played together. They know what the other person is going to do before they do it. I think that is the key, them playing well together."

On the new line-up tonight
"We put in our scorers and they couldn't guard. We put in our defenders and they couldn't score. We have a huge problem in that the people who can score are not guarding and the people who are guarding cannot score. We have got to find a mixture somewhere in there."