Quotes Following Tulane's 74-59 C-USA Win Over Tulsa



Feb. 24, 2013

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Tulane Head Coach Lisa Stockton

On the difference between today's win and the loss at Tulsa two weeks ago
"First of all, turnovers. We turned the ball over too much and gave them offense off of that. The other thing was rebounding. I thought in the last game, they really hurt us on the offensive boards. Today, we did a tremendous job and were able to contain them on the offensive glass."

On Tulane taking control of the game early in the second half
"I thought we came out good. We came out with some energy in that second half and were able to score right away. We got a couple of key baskets and we were aggressive. We were in the double-bonus with 10 minutes left to go in the game, and I thought that was really key. When the game got physical and we got to the free throw line, we were able to convert."

On how her team responded to Tulsa's physical play
"I thought we adapted. In the second half, we came out and handled it pretty well. That's how we drew the fouls. But also, I thought Chinwe Duru, Ashley Westby and Brittany McDonald - the bigs - came in and really helped us today. They really gave us a presence in there and we didn't give up the rebounds. They were scoring and when (Tulsa guard Taleya) Mayberry went in there, they made her shoot over them. I thought that was a good presence."

On the double-double performance by senior guard Olivia Grayson
"I thought she played really controlled today. I felt she played very confidently. This is what you want from your seniors. We're in a situation where all of these games are really important. I thought Tyria Snow gave us some good minutes. Janique (Kautsky) hit some key baskets and defended. The seniors coming in and contributing is what you need to have at the end of the season."



On reaching the 20-win plateau
"This is four in a row for us. When you look at Olivia Grayson and that senior class, they've had 20-win seasons their entire careers. That's not an accident. I think we've had 20-win seasons because they're very special people and they've created that."

On how important it is to continue to play well heading into the C-USA Championship
"We're right in it. We want that (first-round) bye. We've got a chance (to win the conference). SMU lost today, we're two games behind them and we go there on Thursday. They've got a tough schedule and we'd like to try for it. At worst, we want a bye. When we get in that tournament, our program has traditionally been good in the tournament. If we can do that, I think we can make a good run."

On the performance of freshman center Chinwe Duru
"She's picked up her intensity and I think she's learned a lot throughout the season. She's adapted to the level of intensity in the college game. I feel that the last two games that she's played, she's been good. Today, I expected her to be good. We were able to match their strength inside, which is something we didn't do a very good job at Tulsa."

On how she felt her team matched up with Tulsa
"I think we're very different kind of teams. I think a lot of what they do revolves around their point guard and we're a lot more team oriented. We did a great job on (Taleya) Mayberry today. I think that was one of the keys. We made her make shots and she ended up with her numbers being low because we didn't foul her. As far as the make-up, I think both teams want to run and it really came down to us getting points in transition and we tried to stop them in transition. I think we did a much better job than we did in Tulsa of eliminating their transition baskets."

On what she feels her team needs to improve on to make a run late in the season
"I think our depth is such a positive, but I really want to see a great energy coming off the bench. We had talked about that and I think we're hard to play because we can roll people in. I would love to see us do that consistently through that 40 minutes. When we sub, there's a different level of intensity. We challenge our players all the time about going in there and giving something. If we can do that, especially going into the conference tournament, I think that will be a big advantage for us."

Tulane Senior Guard Olivia Grayson

On avenging the loss two weeks ago at Tulsa
"It was fresh on our minds, that loss at Tulsa. We played terribly at their place and we felt like we needed to redeem ourselves with this game, come out strong and set a tone for the rest of the conference season."

On her double-double performance today against the Golden Hurricane
"That just comes from my teammates. All of my teammates were hyped and that just gets me hyped as well. It makes me want to play even harder. It just came within the flow of the game."

On the way the team was able to take control of the game early in the second half
"We've blown a couple of leads where we had a lead at halftime and let teams come back and beat us. We had that in our mind going into the second half. We wanted to get the lead, keep it and really keep our foot on their throat. That's a saying that we use."

On the difference between today's win and the loss at Tulsa two weeks ago
"I think our focus was different. We kind of let off at Tulsa, but here we had a different focus. We're coming up on our last few home games so we wanted to give our crowd a good show. It's really just refocusing."

On how the team keeps that focus
"I think it's a collective effort. Our coaches are always reminding us to stay focused and finish out games. It's just a matter of having that same mindset going into the rest of the season and the conference tournament."

On how she has changed her game to help the team lately
"I'm talking more. I'm not really focusing so much on my own game, but really just trying to keep my teammates in it. That's really helped me."

Tulane Senior Wing Janique Kautsky

Overall thoughts on the game
"I think we came out and had a tremendous team effort. Everyone that came off the bench gave us energy, put their two cents in and we kept to what we know we do best. We had some payback, so I think that was a bit of help today."

On Tulane's effort early in the second half
"If you play hard the first four or five minutes of the second half, you don't have to worry about the last four or five minutes. We came out and gave it a bunch of energy, so we know we could put them away."

On Tulane not letting up after going ahead by a sizeable margin
"We've been focusing on that because in all of our losses we had blown the lead a couple of times. We made sure that once we got up, we kept going after them and we weren't going to let down again."

On what helped the team keep Tulsa at bay down the stretch
"It's a team effort. Like I said, everyone who came off the bench was focused and gave their part to the win today. We worked on a lot of things to stop them that helped them win last time - transition, containing Mayberry. I think we did a tremendous job today...definitely better than last time."

On what the team needs to do to keep rolling
"I think in the last week of practice, we've been phenomenal. If we keep going like we have, stay focused, play with energy and trust in each other, then I think we'll be prepared for the conference tournament."