Quotes Following Tulane's 72-59 C-USA Loss To Tulsa



Feb. 23, 2012

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Head Coach Lisa Stockton

Overall thoughts on the game
"I felt like it was a total-team breakdown. When you look at the turnovers, they're from everybody. You can't put your finger on whether it's the guards or the posts. It's from everybody. I thought Tulsa did a great job of staying with their game plan and I thought we did a bad job of staying intense. We cut it to four and then we started making turnovers again. We stopped the turnovers, cut it to four and then they came again. That took the last bit of air we had."

On Tulsa hitting some big 3-pointers after Tulane clawed back into the game
"They hit some 3s but they also hit some layups and potential 3-point plays off the break and off of steals. The kids get along great, but the team chemistry just isn't there. We really struggled with getting people in the right spots and all of that. We're still in a good position, but we've got to get it together and take care of these next two games."

On how she felt going into the locker room at halftime
"I was really angry. I felt like we just came out there and didn't value the ball. People didn't want to step up and take responsibility, whether that's breaking the press or anything like that, and we just couldn't be that way. The good news was we weren't that far behind. We could catch up and we've done it. The last time we played them, we were behind. We came back and got back in it by just playing really good basketball. We shot well against them, just like we did tonight. The difference is the turnovers."

On what Tulane takes from this game
"This needs to be our wake-up call. We need to play as a team and show up as a team. We've got two games left and if we can take care of that I think we'll still be in great shape. It's not that broken because it wasn't that long ago that we were on a roll. We just have to fix it. The players really have to take responsibility for what they need to give to this team."



Senior Center Brett Benzio

Overall thoughts on the game
"Right now, we have a lot of distractions. We just had Mardi Gras, we have a lot of freshmen and it's a really long season. I think it's more of a focus thing. We can come out and be on the court every day, but if we don't focus on the little things and value every possession...I think we can change it. You don't lose a game in the last five minutes. You lose it during the entire 40. That's something that we need to do."

On how Tulane plans to turn things around
"We come in and we work at it. I think it's got to be a team solution. Everyone has to be a part of it. It's not any one person that needs to change. All 11 of us have to step up and be ready to come out and play."