Coach Stockton's Quotes Following Tulane's 81-79 Loss At UAB



Feb. 22, 2014

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Overall thoughts on the game
"We were 8-of-16 from the free throw line. Right now, we're being really picky because obviously a lot of the statistics went our way. They got some key offensive rebounds in the first half that kept them in it, as well as their 3-point shooting. The first five minutes of the first and second halves are always key. I think it was 20-10 and 11-2 or something like that and those were big runs for them. What can you say? I give them a lot of credit. We came back, had two free throws to tie it, got the ball back and another shot to tie it. It's disappointing. UAB has been in a lot of games and they've been fighting in a lot of ways. They've been to overtime with East Carolina. We really tried to talk to our team about that. We were a guard short (with an injury to freshman guard Leslie Vorpahl) so some of our players were playing extended minutes. This was a tough loss for us."

On the disparity in the free throws
"They got 19 free throws in the second half. They were 17-for-19, and we got six. That's a huge stat. We talked about not being able to get anything going, but I thought we could hold them, maybe get a foul called and break that momentum. When we got the ball, we scored. We shot 52 percent so we were able to score. With the free throws, those are just free points in there. Nineteen free throws in a half is a lot. We normally don't put people on the line that much, but that's probably the most glaring stat of any of them."

On the importance of the final three games of the regular season
"We're still in a good position. There's a lock-up for second place now, but there are a lot of games still to be played today. It's disappointing because I feel that we didn't play poorly today. We came out and played hard. I feel that I asked a lot of our players without Leslie in there some different players played a lot of minutes, and we did some good things. We just lost our focus on a few series in there and it cost us the game."