Quotes Following Tulane's 50-47 Overtime Win Over C-USA Foe Rice



Feb. 16, 2012

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Head Coach Lisa Stockton

Overall thoughts on the game
"In the first half being down five, we had 13 turnovers and they had 13 offensive rebounds so we just didn't know how we weren't down by 15 at that point. I just challenged the team to be more aggressive. We just weren't being very aggressive offensively. We were settling for outside shots and not trying to get to the free throw line. In the second half, we were much more aggressive. I thought Tyria Snow did a much better job in the second half, drew some fouls and got some shots. In a day where Turtle wasn't really hitting, some other players really came through."

On if she attributed Tulane's sluggish start to the Mardi Gras season in high gear in New Orleans
"It's always a distraction. I don't know what it was. I don't know if it was just coming out and not knowing what to expect. Rice's defense is always really good and we needed to be ready to attack it. We can't let their defense dictate us, which is what we did there. In the second half, we came back and I thought we played a lot more relaxed and a lot more aggressive."

On what she told the team at halftime
"We got on the upperclassmen. I don't think any of them scored by halftime. It was the freshmen that kept us in it. We really challenged the upperclassmen. This was a big game. I told them that I don't know if I emphasized enough what a big game this was and that they needed to lead this team if they wanted to be in a situation to win the conference tournament."

On the team playing poorly in the first half and only down by five at the break
"We played good defense. We didn't give them a lot of open looks, we stopped their transition and we didn't put them on the free throw line. We did some good things, but we gave them too many opportunities and we kept sacrificing our opportunities with the turnovers."



On if she felt the loss at UTEP was hanging over her team early in today's game
"When you get back out there (after a loss), it's a matter of trying to get your feet back under you and getting your confidence back. This is a team that beat us handily at their place so part of it could have been some doubt on whether we could play with them. In the second half, our upperclassmen did a much better job. We got two big free throws by our freshman Tiffany Dale with a lot of pressure on her. It was good to get this win."

On the way her team responded late in the second half and early in the overtime period
"The nice thing is we don't respond negatively. They hit the 3, we came down and scored, and Turtle got a steal so we got that 3-pointer back. I was glad to see our defense hold. That's something that has been our mainstay all season. I feel that in our last two weeks, our defense hasn't been as good. Tonight, it was very good."

On Sunday's game at Southern Miss
"They're playing well. We haven't been up there in a couple of years so it's a game that we've got to be ready to play. They're kind of the spoilers right now. Going up there during Mardi Gras with lots of stuff going on, we really have to be focused."

Junior Guard Tyria Snow

Overall thoughts on the game
"I'd take ugly and a `W' any day. A `W' looks pretty, so I'll take a `W' any day. In the first half, we couldn't get anything going. Nothing was falling, but the good thing was we held them on defense. At halftime, Coach just told us to stick together, come out here and get on it because our shots would start falling but to just make sure we don't fall apart on the defensive end. That's what we did."

On if she was aware of the long-term ramifications of today's game prior to tipoff
"They always talk to us about it and they told us that Rice was right there so it would be good to kind of get them out of it. We're not really thinking about that. We're just trying to get a `W'. Hopefully we won't slip to five. We'll go up to four and then three. We're focusing on going up and not down."

On if the team had the loss at UTEP hanging over its head going into today's game
"It was just another game. You've got to focus on the one ahead. You can't think about the negatives and going backwards. You've just got to move ahead, keep fighting and go into the conference tournament with some momentum."

Freshman Guard Danielle Blagg

On the freshmen carrying the team in the first half and the upperclassmen taking over after halftime
"It was just one of those games where maybe everyone wasn't ready. Being the upperclassmen that they are, they just stepped it up. We all stepped it up. The freshmen, we knew what we had to do to help out in any way possible when we get out there. We just give it our all."

On what Coach Stockton told the team at halftime
"She pretty much told us that we need to get on it. She specifically told that to the upperclassmen that they needed to do their thing, and the definitely did. That's why they're great. They came out in the second half and gave it their all."